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Ignite internet interfering with my Xbox 1 wireless remote

I've been around

Anyone else experienced this extremely frustrating issue?
My ignite internet box is at least 2 meters away from my box but when I play my games my remotes keep disconnecting or acting weird/out of control. I tried everything in the book even resetting my Xbox, but the issue would persist until I thought about how wireless communicates between each other, by wave lengths. So I disconnected the ignite internet box and my Xbox remotes became normal again. I replugged the internet box and my remotes acted up again.
What should I do to keep internet on and NOT interfere with my Xbox remotes?


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Re: Ignite internet interfering with my Xbox 1 wireless remote

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Resident Expert

Here's a post on IR interference. I wouldn't have thought that the Ignite box would interfere, but perhaps putting more distance between equipment may help.  Perhaps this post will provide a clue as to how to fix your issue.

Re: Ignite internet interfering with my Xbox 1 wireless remote

I'm here a lot

Login into your Ignite modem on and change the Wi-Fi operating channels and see if that works.

Re: Ignite internet interfering with my Xbox 1 wireless remote

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@LP8080  It's possible that the Ignite gateway is interfering in other ways.  Keep in mind that Comcast designed the XB6 (and XB7) to act as the hub for their connected home service offerings.  In addition to Wi-Fi, it also has Bluetooth LE and Zigbee radios, which don't appear in configuration settings.  They are used for communicating with IoT devices.


Comcast also has a Tile Tracker service and uses radios in the the Xi6 set-top boxes and Xfinity gateways to implement this service.


I don't know what features Rogers has enabled in the Ignite gateways and set-top boxes when they provision them but there are all sorts of things that could potentially interfere with non-Wi-Fi wireless devices.

Re: Ignite internet interfering with my Xbox 1 wireless remote

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Resident Expert

@LP8080 if you look around, you'll see that complaints such as yours concerning the xbox remotes have been around for several years.  It appears that Microsoft has been of no help for this issue.  


What can you do?  I'd suggest increasing the distance between the modem and the xbox somehow.  That will depend of course on the cabling in your home, which will dictate where the modem can be located, as well as the availability or lack of ethernet cabling to connect the xbox to the modem, assuming that ethernet is the preferred choice. 


As @-G- indicated, the XB6 and XB7 modems are all purpose modems broadcasting various types of wifi networks for different types of devices.  This will probably prove to be a challenge for anyone using an xbox controller which apparently uses wifi direct to connect with the xbox.  Thats a peer to peer, or "point to point" which doesn't require the services of a router or wifi modem to communicate with each other.  I haven't found any info regarding the use of wifi direct by the xbox, so, the question at hand is " is there any channel configuration settings that can be changed for the xbox controller, as seen in any xbox settings?"  I'd look for any ability to change the xbox controller wifi channel, if such a setting exists.  If this is selectable, it should be different than the wifi channel used by the modem to communicate via wifi with various connected devices.  Even if there is an ability to change the wifi direct controller channel, there are other network types broadcast by the modem for which there are no settings available, so, there is not guarantee that you would be able to work around the modem's transmitted networks, wifi and other. 

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