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Ignite Modem Logs

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyone understand why I don't see any logs on the browser interface?




When I go and try to look at the System Logs for the last 90 days, I get one entry:

GUI: User: xxx login 2021/8/13 13:06:57 Notice


And that's after multiple connection drops and resets, including a pull the plug reboot.



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Re: Ignite Modem Logs

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks, sorry I thought I already responded but checked back today and I don't see the post....


At any rate, no, there were only a couple firewall logs that's it.  Given that I had just performed a power plug pull reset, I would have expected to see at least that in the logs, but nothing....


I may give it a factory reset but I'm not a fan of those types of 'solutions'.  The problem is that Rogers don't seem to officially support the web interface, so they won't bother to look into the issue.  They say to use the mobile app, which they conveniently don't provide any access to the logs on so you can't see what issues your router is having.

Re: Ignite Modem Logs

@Testing12341234  Just so you know, such a restart is not logged by the Ignite gateway, nor are any details of the modem connecting to the Rogers network logged in the Events log.  However, if you access your modem and log in as "admin" using its web interface, and then view the System log for the Last 90 days, you should see that at least some events are getting logged, including your current login session.