Ignite Internet Issues

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Ignite Internet Issues

I have been with Rogers with 10+ years, have their phone service, wifi/internet, and cable. We have always had some issues with the internet but most problems were eventually fixed by unplugging the modem. We recently switched to 4K/Ignite in the new year which has not been consistent at all.


Sometimes the internet is completely unusable. To fix we have to wait on line for 45 min to call in to tech support, who resets on their end. This fixes it for about one day before the issue becomes a problem again.

Recently we got the new echo home pod (1st generation with one port). Now instead of no internet at all, the signal cannot keep a strong enough signal at all. I can't have a normal zoom meeting at all, very frustrating, along with the basement TV going to complete blackness. We have moved the pod in multiple locations and is directly under the modem


We have had about 10 service people come in who just pretty much say the same thing and fix whatever the problem was before the next day. Someone even checked our wiring on their latter.


Most recently we had a guy come in yesterday who said our issue was the echo pod itself, saying that the first generation pods were defective and we needed to use the second generation pods, he tells me I must call in to order the second generation pods. I call in and the agent says my modem is not compatible with second generation pods and that the first generation pods should be working fine which they are obviously not.


The agent has shipped two more first generation pods, which I am convinced will not fix our issue at all. I really need help/support here because we are at a breaking point with this company and will cancel everything if not resolved

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Re: Ignite Internet Issues

if I were in your place id be calling ignite tech support and escalating to a supervisor

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Re: Ignite Internet Issues

@jredroger   The only real problem with the 1st-generation Ignite Pod is that one of its radios is used both for device connectivity and to uplink traffic to the Ignite WiFi modem/gateway so, your throughput will typically max out at 200 Mb/s.


Where is your Ignite gateway located in your home?  If it's in the basement, this can make things tricky.  It is best if it can be placed in a central location.


Next, unplug all of you Pods and identify all the locations in your home that have poor WiFi connectivity.  Install a WiFi scanner on a mobile device and map out the areas where the signal strength on the 5Ghz band drops to -68 dBm; it is somewhere in this zone where you will want to place your Pods, and they need to be placed so that they can also provide good connectivity to the weak spots in your home.  (If you don't have a WiFi scanner app, use a mobile device or laptop, and place Pods in areas where you lose "1 bar" of WiFi signal strength to the gateway.)