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Ignite Internet Issues

I've been around

I have been with Rogers with 10+ years, have their phone service, wifi/internet, and cable. We have always had some issues with the internet but most problems were eventually fixed by unplugging the modem. We recently switched to 4K/Ignite in the new year which has not been consistent at all.


Sometimes the internet is completely unusable. To fix we have to wait on line for 45 min to call in to tech support, who resets on their end. This fixes it for about one day before the issue becomes a problem again.

Recently we got the new echo home pod (1st generation with one port). Now instead of no internet at all, the signal cannot keep a strong enough signal at all. I can't have a normal zoom meeting at all, very frustrating, along with the basement TV going to complete blackness. We have moved the pod in multiple locations and is directly under the modem


We have had about 10 service people come in who just pretty much say the same thing and fix whatever the problem was before the next day. Someone even checked our wiring on their latter.


Most recently we had a guy come in yesterday who said our issue was the echo pod itself, saying that the first generation pods were defective and we needed to use the second generation pods, he tells me I must call in to order the second generation pods. I call in and the agent says my modem is not compatible with second generation pods and that the first generation pods should be working fine which they are obviously not.


The agent has shipped two more first generation pods, which I am convinced will not fix our issue at all. I really need help/support here because we are at a breaking point with this company and will cancel everything if not resolved


Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I plan to stick around

if I were in your place id be calling ignite tech support and escalating to a supervisor

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@jredd   The only real problem with the 1st-generation Ignite Pod is that one of its radios is used both for device connectivity and to uplink traffic to the Ignite WiFi modem/gateway so, your throughput will typically max out at 200 Mb/s.


Where is your Ignite gateway located in your home?  If it's in the basement, this can make things tricky.  It is best if it can be placed in a central location.


Next, unplug all of you Pods and identify all the locations in your home that have poor WiFi connectivity.  Install a WiFi scanner on a mobile device and map out the areas where the signal strength on the 5Ghz band drops to -68 dBm; it is somewhere in this zone where you will want to place your Pods, and they need to be placed so that they can also provide good connectivity to the weak spots in your home.  (If you don't have a WiFi scanner app, use a mobile device or laptop, and place Pods in areas where you lose "1 bar" of WiFi signal strength to the gateway.)

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I've been here awhile

Rogers come out with new products and promote with promotional price.

I got my internet switched to Ignite Wifi 1Gb .Got in trouble, Wifi signals are so poor and unable to do work as well kids on line learning getting in trouble. How best rogers can be promising over their production.

What is the best solution for me.




Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I'm a senior contributor
Have you asked Rogers for PODS? The mesh network will probably solve your wifi issues, assuming you are using the modem as your wifi source and not another router.

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I've been here awhile

Iam have been trying to reach you guys. But I keep getting transferred between deprtments. I am paying 80$ every month. I was promised a fast internet, but tbh it’s not worth it. I did not have internet access for 2 days. And I was on the phone for 3 hours. And I still didn’t get the internet problem resolved. This is the worst internet provider. Please stay always.

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

Good evening @jackiewng04,


Welcome to the Community!


We'd like to help resolve the issues you're having with the service. In order to best assist you we do need a little bit more info from you. Is the service back on since you last posted here? I realize how important a stable connection is. Are the issues over a wired connection or WIFI? What Internet package are you currently on? 


I know you were transferred to multiple departments but did you have a chance to speak to our technical support team? If yes, what troubleshooting steps did they have you try?


Please keep us posted.






Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I've been here awhile

Hi there. I was hoping someone could help me out with my Ignite Internet.


This will be a long post, and I apologise ahead of time,I'm going to try and be as detailed as I can, and give as much information/backstory as possible.  I'm hoping maybe someone can help or point me in a direction to resolve this myself or get the problem resolved with a technician.


We just have Ignite Internet, no TV or home phone.


My Ignite Internet has been cutting out multiple times a day, almost every day, at random times since about the end of May this year (2021). Sometimes it goes out 5 times, during the day. Other days, up to 17 times a day. There is no rhyme or reason, it's just random every day. Some days it only goes out once. When it does cut out, none of the devices can use/connect to the wifi/internet until it resets (not sure if that's the correct term), usually within 2-3 minutes. And this is very frustrating, not only when we're watching something on Netflix or Disney+, but when we're in Zoom meetings with work, or even on calls with clients and it cuts out. Both our managers and some clients have become frustrated. Which just adds to my frustration.


I have 2 Amazon firesticks, 3 cellphones. 2 laptops, and a printer that are all connected to the wifi. I have the 150mps plan (not sure of the correct plan name). Obviously due to the pandemic we are working from home (just 2 of us). I have had multiple technicians out to the house and spoken to multiple technicians over the phone, trying to resolve this issue. So far, nothing has worked. I'm frustrated and tired of calling, because nothing seems to fix the issue. Some of the options they've tried to resolve the issues are:


- Undoing the coaxial cable, and power, then . them back in, in the same order. It did not fix it.


- Upgrading the router to the new Ignite one(white router, as we were up until this year on an older black router)

Which also meant an increase on the monthly bill. It did not fix it.


- Drilling a brand new hole through the exterior wall of the house, and laying a brand new cable line directly from the box on the side of the house, to the new router. It did not fix it.


- Attaching a piece of black cable and joining that from the router to the new cable. It did not fix it.


They have used monitoring robot/tickets, but I haven't received any texts to let me know if it detected anything. I assume it didn't, because I also haven't received a phone call from Rogers saying that they found an issue.


But here is why I'm frustrated more than usual. I had the same problem last year (at around the same time), during the first wave of the pandemic, and I guess I had more patience then. And also understood that for a while technicians couldn't come inside to help resolve issues. But once it was resolved, I had no problems, until around the same time, this year, at the end of May.


Last year, they replaced the black modem with a new black modem. It didn't fix it. The only thing they didn't do last year was put a new line of cable into the house.


But what they did do, that worked, was they replaced the cable line that goes from the pedestal box (on the telephone/hydro pole) to the box on the side of the house. Once the technician did that, we had no more problems, for 9 months. And then at the end of May this year, the problems started all over again.


They have told me that it could be the amount of devices on the network, but I don't think it's that, because, we had all the same amount of devices on the network, since the beginning of the pandemic. Also once the technician replaced the cable from the pedestal to the box last summer, we had zero issues for 9 months.


And since last week, the last time I spoke with a technician over the phone or had one come to the house, I have been limiting how many devices are on the network at one time. To no more than 4 devices. Right now, only 3 devices are currently connected. It has still gone out a few times this week. I'm utterly confused as to why it's still happening. Another thing is, on the Rogers site, it says that the 150mbps plan can have up to 11 devices connected. So why if I'm down to 3-4 devices, is it still going out?


I am tired of calling, and not feeling heard, being told it's just too many devices, or that from their end, they detect no problems. I've asked for them to try replacing the cable from the pedestal to the box, but they say those cables are made to last, so they can't see that being the problem. But it's the only thing they did last year, that worked, and it's the only thing they haven't tried this year.


As far as I know, none of the lines in my neighbourhood are buried lines. They were supposed to do our neighbourhood in the autumn of 2019, but I think the weather turned, so they never got to it. And then the pandemic hit the following spring. So no idea when or if they'll bury lines in the neighbourhood. But I thought if they did that in our neighbourhood, we wouldn't have this issue anymore? I don't know. I'm stressed and frustrated, and Not sure what I can do or say to them. So I thought I'd try on here. Maybe someone has had a similar experience and can help. I hope.


Anyway, sorry for the super long post. But honestly any help or information is greatly appreciated. Truly.

And I hope, even though the post was long, I was able to give enough info to help explain the issue. I apoolgise if I wasn't clear. I'm unsure of the proper terminologies. Anywho, I need a drink after writing this out. lol


Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

Hello, @SB75


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can understand how disruptive it can be to experience these persistent connectivity drops. We appreciate all of the details you've provided thus far. Please provide us with the answers to the questions below.


  • Can you describe if the light on the top of the modem changes colour when the connection drops?
  • Do all devices drop the connection at the same time?
  • Does the Wi-Fi still appear to be connected on the affected devices or does the Wi-Fi connection drop?
  • Can you connect one of your laptops via Ethernet and see if the Ethernet connection drops when the Wi-Fi drops?


We look forward to hearing back from you.



Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I've been here awhile

Hi @RogersTony 


Sorry I took time to respond back.


So yes,  the light does change when it cuts out. It goes from a solid white light, to blinking orange, then it changes to blinking green, before going back to a solid white. I'd say maybe the blinking colours are maybe 40 seconds or so each. But I've noticed that before it goes from solid white to blinking orange then green, that the internet cuts out while it's still solid white, for maybe 10-15 seconds. I don't know if that helps or means anything. I also get a notification on my iPhone, if I'm using it at the time the internet cuts out, that says:


The Wi-Fi network does not appear to be connected to the internet. Do you want to temporarily use cellular data?

With the options: Use Cellular Data or Keep Trying Wi-Fi

I usually keep trying Wi-Fi.


And yes, all the devices lose the connection at the same time. If I'm streaming Netflix, or Prime, or YouTube, I get a spinning circle on the tv. The browsers on the laptops will say Internet not connected. And no pages or apps will load or refresh on the phones, until the light goes back to solid white.


I haven't tried connecting one of the laptops directly to the router via the ethernet cable, but I'll try that today and see if it still cuts or stays connected. 


Again it went out multiple times yesterday a few times in the afternoon, and then many times in the evening with only 3 devices connected (2 firesticks and one laptop). Between 8pm and 10:30pm around 10 times. So frustrating. But I'll try connecting one of the laptops via the ethernet today and see if it's still the same.


Thank you so much for getting back to me and trying to help. 🙂

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

I've been here awhile

Ok, so I was able to get the ethernet cable plugged into my laptop for a few hours, and the internet still went out even with the ethernet cable plugged directly into the router.


Also, I was on the phone with Rogers in regards to another matter, shortly after the last cut out this morning, and I happened to mention some of the issues. They decided to increase our plan to the 500mbs plan, for no additional cost. But even after they rebooted the router and moved us to the new plan, it still went out a couple times, with only 5 devices connected. So I am pretty sure it's not the amount of devices connected. I am just not sure what the issue is.

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

Hello again, @SB75


You are most welcome, we are always happy to assist here in the community.


If the light on the modem is changing it looks like the connection to the modem is dropping. Ethernet devices would also drop in this situation.


We'll need to run some tests on the modem to see if the signal levels are within the right range. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this for you. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here.



Re: Ignite Internet Issues

Poor connection after we changed to Ignite modem. Top of the white light is always on but while we are in the meeting , Internet is showing poor connection. Moreover, my VOIP home phone has totally lost. I am planning to change Rogers ASAP

Re: Ignite Internet Issues

@mdrakiburrahman wrote:

Poor connection after we changed to Ignite modem. Top of the white light is always on but while we are in the meeting , Internet is showing poor connection. Moreover, my VOIP home phone has totally lost. I am planning to change Rogers ASAP

Did you change the location of your modem/gateway from where it was before?  Do you also have Pods installed to expand your Wi-Fi coverage?


The Ignite gateways are actually pretty good cable modems.  The software has some annoying limitations but it works, and I have never had any connection issues with the Internet link.  The most common cause of "connectivity problems" is in-home Wi-Fi/network issues... and if your Wi-Fi installation is sub-optimal, the addition of streaming Ignite TV set-top boxes can reveal underlying problems with your in-home network.


Issues with a third-party VoIP phone service is probably due to another issue.  I use both Rogers Home Phone and have an external VoIP ATA that I use with a third-party VoIP service.  Both phone services work well and any problems that I have had with my VoIP service have been caused by problems with the service provider.  (Several VoIP providers have been hit with DDoS attacks lately.). If your VoIP ATA is losing registration, it might also be due to a configuration issue or some aspect of the ATA configuration that is not playing nicely with the Ignite gateway's firewall.

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