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Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I've been here awhile

Hi there guys,


Been trying to fix this issue for the past two hours but with no success. I have the brand new gigabit internet modem/router (CODA 4582) from Rogers. I don't like its wireless signal and want to hook up my dlink DIR-850L router to it for the boost. The firmware for the router is up to date, I have put the modem intro bridge mode by turning off the gateway function, and I have also reset both the modem and the router to factory settings about five times now. Problem is that when the modem is in bridge mode, it will not allow internet access to the router. The router is not broken or damaged as it had been working fine at a friend's house and the modem also seems to be in working order. I called the Rogers support but, as usual, they didn't help with anything. Anyone know the fix for this?


Thanks so much!




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Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I've been here awhile
I do the same of not using Bridge mode and find it makes little or no difference to the internet speed of the devices connected through my Dlink router. Now I have the unused Ethernet ports in the Hitron CODA4582 for other purposes.

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I plan to stick around

Okay, this is getting really annoying... In the past few months I have gone from a Netgear Nighthawk R7000, to 2 different Linksys EA8500’s, then a D-Link AC2600, and finally now on an Asus RT-AC86U router...


Of course, if I disconnect from the router and run the modem in default gateway mode, everything works - now, I haven’t tested this long term, as I want the added security of a proper router, better wifi signal strength of a proper router and don’t like to run in gateway mode for long periods of time.


I have experienced the same issues with all 5 routers - good speeds initially, and then dropping like a ton of bricks from the CN Tower. The D-Link AC2600 would not even detect the modem (I think I’m on my second or third CODA-4582 Modem - which is in bridge mode) The Asus was the most promising, but now cant even connect to the router setup GUI. The EA8500’s (both of them) would randomly drop the Ethernet connections, or the wifi connections. I have had several techs out to my house in the past year that none of them have been able to “isolate” the issue. And every time I think everything is going good, WHAM! All kinds of issues, and it doesn’t seem to matter what brand of router I am using. I am getting tired of replacing/exchanging routers, not to mention the time and costs involved with doing all this troubleshooting. Another interesting thing is I will get the ubiquitous “Download Failed: Network Error” on google chrome, and yet I’m streaming internet music.


I actually had to use my iPad over LTE to reply to this post!


So, here is a question... Are the CODA 4582 modems just not compatible with, or capable of communicating with newer generation of routers?


Four different brands of routers: Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, and Asus - none of them maintain a consistent, stable connection to the modem/internet. I have rebooted and factory reset each router several times, I have unplugged, reset the modem multiple times, I have replaced all Ethernet cables with brand new CAT6 cables - and... nothing. I am at my wits end, hanging by a thread, ripping what little hair I have out of my head trying to figure this out.

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

@Scionergy I've used an Asus RT-AC68U and RT-AC86U with the 4582 and both have been and continue to be rock solid.  At the present time I'm running the 4582 in Bridge mode with both routers connected and running.  Thats been several weeks or months.  


1.  What model of the 4582 do you currently have, as shown on the product sticker at the back of the modem.  There are at least two or three versions of the 4582, please indicate which model which is shown on the sticker as CODA-4582 XXXX.  There are U versions, U 2A versions and probably one more I believe. 


2.  How close are the modem and router?  There was a problem when the modems were first released where the cable tuner didn't have enough shielding to prevent EMI from the modems wifi transmitting antenna, but that was resolved by installing heavier shielding over the cable tuner.  Now, its possible that even with that, if the modem and router were side by side that you could still end up with EMI issues with modem which could cause strange issues.  My 4582 and 86U are at least 10 feet apart, maybe a little more, so, if your modem and router are side by side, please separate them to see what effect that has. 


3.  Also, try this.  If you're only using one port on the back of the router, use the bottom port which is port #4.  Kick the modem back into Gateway mode, log in and navigate to the Advanced .... Switch Setup tab.  Disable ports 1 thru 3 and save the changes.  Kick the modem back into Bridge mode, Basic .... Gateway Function ... disable the Residential Gateway Function.  Save the changes. 


4.  Are you using IPV6 in the router?  If so, consider disabling IPV6 for now as a test.  If the router performance stabilizes, consider enabling IPV6 at a point in the future. 


Can you log into the modem and check the Software (firmware) version that is indicated on the STATUS page.  That page is displayed when you log into the modem.  Please let me know what version is loaded.  


Then, navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab and copy the entire Downstream Overview table, all the way to the bottom right hand corner of the bottom OFDM/OFDMA section.  Select or highlight that entire table area, right click .... Copy.  Then in a post, right click .... Paste.  That should paste in the table, as is shown in the modem's UI.  I'd like to see the signal data just to see if there is any issue with the current levels. 


Are you still using the RT-AC86U?  If so, are you running stock Asuswrt for firmware or Merlin's Asuswrt for firmware?

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I plan to stick around

Alright, so I logged into the modem GUI this morning (2020-06–06), and saw that it was reporting the following on the main status page:

Hardware Version: 2A

Software Version:

System Time: 2020-05-17 01:21:11

Time Zone: UTC+00:00 Greenwich Mean Time Dublin, London, Lisbon


Contacted Rogers, and brought the modem in for an exchange... new modem installed, turned off Residential Gateway Function, reconnected to the Asus RT-AC86U and so far so good... man, what a headache though...


New Modem status page:

Hardware Version: 1A

Software Version:

System Time: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 19:30:47


And, although I had set the correct time zone while in Residential Gateway Function mode to UTC-05:00, Eastern Time, when I disabled Residential Gateway Function, time zone resets back to UTC.

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

@Scionergy ok, gotcha.  That version was the latest trial version.  Were you registered for the trial firmware program?  If so, you might want to update the modem's MAC address with @CommunityHelps or ask to have your name withdrawn from the program.  At some point down the road, 7.1.1.xx will be loaded network wide.  When that happens my advice is to reboot / restart the modem, and in the worst case, run a factory reset and set the modem up again from scratch.  I found to be very unstable immediately after it was loaded.  After a swap back and forth between Bridge mode and Gateway mode and a modem reboot, the modem stabilized and the speedtest rates returned to normal. 


I've used both 2.0.10.xxTx and modem versions and haven't had any issues with either Asus router. 

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I plan to stick around

Yes, still using the Asus RT-AC86U, stock firmware, latest version... the new modem is a CODA-4782 - it would appear that my issues was in fact the old modem, as so far, the new modem is not causing any issues...


Curious, is it a good idea to clone the modem MAC address in the router, or should it matter?


I also checked the event log in the modem, and I always seem to get this error:

DHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response v4 option;CM-MAC=;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:90:d5:88;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;

(Removed MAC address for security/privacy reasons - RogersMoin)

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

@Scionergy CODA-4782, very interesting.  First I've seen that modem mentioned in the forum.  That's a more recent, slightly advanced version compared to the 4582.  


Don't clone the modem MAC address in the 86U, or any other router, for anyone reading this.  You won't be able to connect to the internet if you do that.  The Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) probably locks out any duplicate MAC addresses that are attempting to register on your particular CMTS.  I would suspect that the same occurs network wide.  That's a security provision most likely running to prevent data theft on the network.  


If you want to change your WAN IP address when the modem is in Bridge mode and the 86U is running your network, then in the 86U go to WAN .... INTERNET CONNECTION and clone a device MAC address from your network, or, enter a valid MAC address that wouldn't be a duplicate of any MAC addresses that might be connected to the CMTS.  The IEEE runs the MAC address assignment and the MAC addresses are not continuous, so there are gaps that can be used to generate valid but unused MAC addresses. 


I can't explain why you had such difficulty with the previous modem.  My 4582 is no doubt older than the one you were using.  I suspect that firmware version might have had something to do with the problems, but, I don't know why that would have prevented the 86U from connecting.  Any issues that I've seen with the 7.x version are with the modem performance itself, and that was only when the version was initially loaded.  After the switch over between Bridge mode to Gateway to Bridge mode and a modem reboot, all was good.  


Fwiw, here's the link to Hitrons web page for the 4782:


Here's the link to the 4782 datasheet from that page:


As for the invalid field, my guess is that the CMTS is issuing a field that is invalid for that modem.  There might be some small differences in the firmware versions between the two modem, so, its possible that the invalid field alert is a byproduct of that difference.  


Looking at the datasheet, the 4782 has channel bandwidths of 20/40/80/160 Mhz.  Have a look at the 5 Ghz bandwidth selections to see if the 160 Mhz selection is available or if its been locked out and not visible.  If it is visible, then there are only two 160 Mhz channels available in the 5 Ghz band, both of which Dynamic Frequency Selection channels (DFS), so you would have to enable DFS channels to take advantage of two of the 160 Mhz wide channels.  Those two channels are shared with Airport Weather Radars, so if you're near an airport and the modem is running DFS channls, any detection of a radar system would cause the modem to switch to another channel.  That can take several minutes until the modem is satisfied that it can run on the newly located channel.  Now, if you're not anywhere near an airport, and you have devices that can actually use DFS channels, then with enough antenna on the device you could probably see 940 Mb/s or slightly higher on that connected device.  So, that might be food for thought.


If you happen to run a VPN, then loading Merlin's Asuswrt might be an idea in order to run higher VPN rates.  There are modifications that Merlin has made to improve VPN performance on the 86U.  Fwiw, here the link to the SNBForum Merlin page:


Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I plan to stick around

@Dataklink thanks! I did not clone the Modem MAC address, I left it default to whatever the 86U had in there, I have however changed all the default IP addresses, and of course usernames and passwords... We are on day zero with this new CODA 4782 modem, and day one with the RT-AC86U - which so far I really like the interface, compared to the D-Link, and the EA8500 from Linksys. 


I am somewhat tech savvy and have built all of my PC’s myself, and always try and troubleshoot problems myself, but this one was really giving me a big headache.... I could be streaming internet music, and trying to update apps through my Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app which would always stop at bout 10-15% and tell me to check my internet connection - even when I know I’m connected...


Anyways, thanks for your insight and help... not sure yet if I want to try the Merlin firmware on the 86U yet, but fingers crossed that the new modem was the solution to the problems. I am somewhat tempted to see if the Linksys EA8500 will give me problems or if it is going to work fine now... but, for now, I think I will stick with the 86U.

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

There's no good reason for the modem to give you a hard time for anything other than perhaps the D-Link router.  There was an issue when the 4582 was first issued, where D-Link routers would not connect.  That was due to something peculiar and specific to the D-Link routers where those routers did not and probably still do not follow the typical protocols that allow a router to connect/communicate with a modem.  I had thought that was water under the bridge by now, maybe not??  


Fwiw, with the 4582 in Bridge mode, users can connect two routers to the modem and those routers will be issued both IPV4 and IPV6 WAN addresses.  Those addresses are separate and independent of each other, so, you can run two separate networks.  The same should probably apply to the 4782.  Connect a second router to the modem, power it up, wait for it to boot up, and then reboot the modem.  After that modem reboot is complete, both routers should be up and running with their own WAN IP addresses.  


If that doesn't work, disconnect the first router, connect the second router and power it up.  Ensure that it has its own IPV4 (and IPV6 address if desired).  Then once again, connect the first router to the modem, power it up, wait for it to boot up, and then reboot the modem.  After that modem reboot is complete, both routers should be up and running with their own WAN IP addresses.  You shouldn't have to do this, but, in the event that simply connecting the second router and then rebooting the modem doesn't work, this should achieve the aim. 


Fwiw, Merlin's Asuswrt is built on the original Asuswrt, so the menu's look almost identical, but, there are enhancements here and there that have been made to improve the router's performance and usability. 


Are you connecting the modem to the 86U via short commercially produced cable, or is there any house ethernet between the modem and 86U?  How far apart are the modem and 86U?

Re: Hitron CODA-4582 will not allow internet access for dlink DIR-850L after bridge mode

I plan to stick around

Well, when I started having consistent issues, one of the first things I did was went and got 3 brand new 7’ CAT6 cables from Canada Computers, so, the router and modem are about 6 feet apart now, my house is about 16 years old and was no networking setup in the house - no internal network cables throughout the house - all commercial/retail network cables. Ethernet connected devices are my main Aorus X570 Ultra system (not using the wifi) an iMac 27” that will connect to the modem through Ethernet, but not the router for some reason, same cable, just shows cable unplugged on the iMac, regardless of the port on the router (if memory serves correct - may have to try a different port just to make sure) so it’s on wifi for now, my Xbox One, and a Smart TV in the living room - modem and router are in the basement, with a 25’ CAT6 cable to the TV in the living room.


But, so far, so good... one indicator is that everytime I log into the Asus GUI or the Asus mobile app, I don’t seem to get kicked out, timed out, and not able to get back in without rebooting the router - it has stayed fairly consistent, and stable - time will tell though, like I said, I only got the modem replaced today at 12 noon EDT. Cool about the dual router/dual network setup!

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