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Help: Upgraded to Ignite 1.5 Gbps + Modem = Poor Quality Internet 400-700 Mbps avg.

I've been around

My building signed up a bulk user agreement with my condo, Downtown Toronto by the St. Lawrence Market, and ever since I've transferred over to the new Ignite modem on the new plan I have been getting extremely poor quality internet now.  I can no longer live stream any content over discord/twitch anymore and my downloads speeds are now worse than what I was getting before.

My original plan was a 500/50 down/up and I was getting 800/50 avg on

My new plan is Ignite 1.5 Gbps down and 50 up.  I am now getting 400-700 down and 20-50 up. (taken at all times of the day/night and is erratic even in the dead of night like 3am)


I've had this problem since February and we're now in April with several weekly calls trying to resolve this issue, "zapped" the modems (said to clear the cache), two new modem, to having two contracted techs and one actual rogers tech come by without being able to resolve this issue now.



I'm directly connected to the modem on port 4 using CAT6 cables. My desktop is the ONLY device on the network when I'm doing these tests.  I'm running out of solutions here to try or even suggest to the techs to run so I can resolve the instability I've been getting.  What else can I do or suggest for them to do at this point?  I want to make this work since it is a great deal, but I want the stability I had before moving over to Ignite again.


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Re: Help: Upgraded to Ignite 1.5 Gbps + Modem = Poor Quality Internet 400-700 Mbps avg.


Good morning @blueempire!


In a situation where we've already had multiple techs come out and the issue is persisting, the first thing I would like to do is review the account history to see what's already been done.


I understand that this is a frustrating experience and I don't want to suggest troubleshooting steps that you may have already performed.


Please feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can look into this and assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




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