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Connecting a smart bulb and smart plug to the new ignite wifi

I've been around

I can’t seem to find a way to connect my escape smart bulb and plug to my wifi as is says it needs a 2.4 ghz. It seems the router wants to connect things on 5ghz.


Has anyone had this issue? And better yet solved it....




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Re: Connecting a smart bulb and smart plug to the new ignite wifi

I've been around
That is what I found, as well. The work around, (for me), was to log into the rogers ignite modem/router, (via the IP address) > convert the device to "bridge" mode > connected my own router > log into the newly installed router (again, via the IP address) and turn off the 5G wireless broadcast. Once this setup was completed, I was then able to reconnect my smart switches to my 2.4 G wifi network directly. I did not turn my 5G broadcast on again at this point as my steaming speeds seemed optimal. However, I do believe it is possible to turn your 5G broadcast on again, without affecting the smart switch 2.4 G set-up, although I haven't tried it myself.

Re: Connecting a smart bulb and smart plug to the new ignite wifi

I plan to stick around

I recently had some renovations done, and I had some new electrical timer light switches installed.  In order to get them to work on 2.4g, this is what I did (Note that I have a first generation Rogers Ignite router):


1. Disconnected my Google mesh wifi from the router (thus disabling the "parent" pod and the other 2 on the system).

2.  Went into my Roger's Ignite app on my phone and clicked the "wifi" icon at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on the "Wi-fi details" square in the middle of the page.

4. You should see a QR code on the screen.  Go to the bottom of the page, and click on "Edit wi-fi settings".

5. Scroll down to the last item on the page, it's called "Split bands (not recommended)".

6.  Move the little grey button from left to right to enable band splitting.

7.  Choose the 2.4g network.

8.  Now you can set up your device.  Once you have it set up, download the app for the device and configure it however you wish.

9.  Now you can go back to the Roger's Ignite app and reverse the band splitting option.

10.  (Optional) Add the device to your Google Home app and you can control it from there.  The reason you downloaded the device's app in Step 8 is because the native app will provide more configuration options than the Google Home app will.


NB:  If you have a first generation Ignite Router and any Rogers  "pod" extenders, you will never be able to achieve band separation so you can add 2.4g devices.  You can either have the pods, and have wi-fi available in your entire home, OR you can have band separation.  But you can't have both.  Ask me how I know.  Deduce the reason I now have a Google mesh wi-fi system which ensures wi-fi in all aspects of my house. 

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