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Can't Access Portal

I've been around



I have 1GB Ignite internet. Recently it has been going down a lot. I called Rogers, they said everything was fine on their end. After seeing another post which recommends having a look at the downstream and upstream signal data

following these steps:


I can't even access the portal at, Chrome reads the site cant be reached...


I can access the portal at 


Any Ideas?




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Re: Can't Access Portal

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Are you running in Bridge Mode and using your own router?  If so, are you also using the address range on your internal LAN/in-home network?


If you are running in Gateway mode (Bridge Mode disabled), did you change the IP address range for your Internal LAN from the default of to another address range?

Re: Can't Access Portal

I plan to stick around
First question is, do you have the modem/gateway they are talking about in that post? Or do you have the CODA or Ignite modems in the GTA? Because the modem/gateway in that post is not that same one used in the GTA at this time.... if you are forsure using the gateway named in that linked page, then disregard my comments below, as I have no experience with that gateway specifically...

Now, from my personal, years now long, experience... the white CODA modem forsure, is unreachable in bridge mode, period.

I know they say it should be, but it's not. At any ip or port or anything....

Doesn't matter what setting you use on your routers or the modem itself....
The best I ever had was being able to access the modem for 48 hours after turning on bridge mode, still at after that, nothing.... more recently, not even that, if I do a factory reset, let it update, setup bridge mode, it's gone immediately. No other ip to the device works either.

Tested with several modems of the CODA and its always been the same. The login and control interface is disabled or lost or who knows, shortly after setting up bridge mode.

I have Asus GT AX11000 routers in an mesh network, and they are much more powerful than anything rogers has ever offered, the only downside has been loss of control of the modem in bridge mode... several years, no fix ....

Again, of you do have the gateway the are talking about in that linked post, this might not apply, although, as I said, I've been told even the CODA should allow control in bridge mode and it doesn't, so the same may apply to that gateway as well, and people are simply mistaken about being able to access it in bridgemode....
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