CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

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I've Been Around
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Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

So... any updates regarding this issue? I just set up the guest network and had the same issue.

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Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Hello, @skynie09.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😀


I appreciate your query. At this time, we don't have any new information to share; the fix is still under testing. In the meantime, we have found that you can usually connect to the Guest network if you try a second time after the error message is displayed. Just be sure not to close the window.


Thank you for your patience. We will appraise the Community as the fix becomes available. 


The CommunityHelps Team,

I've Been Around
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Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Your network is not secure?
You can access the guest account, by logging into your router.
Problem is, once you login it is unsecured.
Anyone thought to disable the option? Or aren't your customers worth an update, to an already blatant security risk?
I had to enter a password, but it turns out my neighbor has had access to my internet for a couple weeks. No password needed. Not very happy you left this open. What the heck guys. Kind of questioned it, but thought " NO WAY Rogers would leave something insecure.
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Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Hey @TrueNorth7


That's terrible! I completely understand you're concern. I would definitely recommend disabling the Guest Network until further notice. As indicated above we can keep the community apprised when a resolution to this issue has been implemented. I believe that by default the modem's guest network is disabled but let us know you need assistance disabling it.