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Business Internet - WiFi Speed Fluctuations

I've been here awhile



Got a new Business Internet 500u with new modem:


I started using Rogers Business Internet about a month ago.

I currently chose 500u speed and got gigabit WiFi Modem.


Everything is great with internet for the ones connected with cable.

Only problem is with WiFi. Sometimes the speed goes up to 550 Mbps and sometimes 50 Mbps

I have 2 laptops using WiFi for this modem and when the speed goes under 50 Mbps, I login to the modem through internet and reboot it to go back to high speed.


Today I did the same thing but the speed won't change.


Can I get help to keep the high speed and I don't have to log in to the modem every time to boost the speed up again ? lol


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Re: Business Internet - WiFi Speed Fluctuations

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

How/where is this being used?  Like in a stand alone house? or in a townhouse/appartment setting, or business setting where there are others close by?
It could be possible to be something like interference from some other source.

Even within the house, could be some form of interference itself.

IE, my bathroom on the main floor is less that 15 ft from one of my pods here, and shows full bars.
But there is my laundry room in between, big metal appliances as well as the plumbing for it, the bathroom, and the pipes going upstairs.  All that leads to interference and some wifi issues in the room 

Re: Business Internet - WiFi Speed Fluctuations

I've been here awhile
Thank You for your advise !
But still not working... TT
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