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Unable to download

I'm Here A Lot

I today tried to download several 1 GB files, from a slow download server, and several seconds after starting the download, it fails, all the files do this.  I have had this problem before, about an hour and a half ago I pulled the Incoming Rogers Wire from the Modem, Counted to 10 seconds, and reinstalled it.  That was no help.  This sucks because I need to files to do work on them, and send them back within 2 days. 

The Desktop Computer I am using is Hooked right to the router by ethernet wire.  It is running Windows 10 Pro




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Re: Unable to download

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Need a little more information?

Where are you downloading it from? You say work.
But over what? FTP? Or just on a webpage and then clicking on it to save, etc??

Generally as far as i am aware there are no limits, etc in that way.
I pulled a 3gb file recently just fine.
BUT its from another source.

Re: Unable to download

I was downloading from Nitroflare and Turbobit

Re: Unable to download

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You can try power cycling the modem, but the issue is not likely to be the connection. Try a different browser if it is still a problem?

Re: Unable to download

I think I may have found the problem.  I have 4 Operating systems on my Desktop Computer, they are My daily internet use is Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa Cinnamon, Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS, and Storm.  The OS I was trying to download these files was Windows 10 Pro, the 4th OS on this computer.  After making this post I went to Linux Mint and downloaded these files with no problem.

This is just another reason for me to hate Windows 10, I can add to the other 25 Reasons I hate it.

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