Assigning IP on (W)LAN with Rogers Ignite Modem

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Re: Assigning IP on (W)LAN with Rogers Ignite Modem

Hey RogersMoin please fix this as it no longer works and assigning static IP addresses for devices around your house (like a printer) is a super common requirement for regular customers.


This is a huge functionality gap...


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Re: Assigning IP on (W)LAN with Rogers Ignite Modem

Alternatively, most printers will support setting the IP statically on the printer itself.
I know some people dont like doing this, as the router does not specifically know that something is at that address, so could take split seconds longer when looking out for a device on that address.
But myself, I have one of my printer set this way, and I have never had a conflict or anything, where the modem trys to assign that address elsewhere.