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5G Home internet

I've been here awhile

Subscribed to 1.5gbps service a while ago. Never got more than 600mbps. Customer service over the phone states they get the full speed but technician on site came a few times and had the same result of about 600mbps. The last one recommended to get a Gen3 router. Would it make any difference and is Rogers required to provide refund for all those months where service was below 50%.



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Re: 5G Home internet

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Resident Expert

@Sam-Bingoman : Are you testing using a WiFi device, or an Ethernet Connected computer?  WiFi speeds of 600 Mbps are pretty typical.


Use the Home Connect App and do the following troubleshooting test. It will indicate the speed you are getting at the Gateway.


Many people don't realize that their devices are the limiting factor - either around 600 Mbps for typical devices or 940 Mbps for most computers with Ethernet since that's the limitation of their Ethernet Cards.  You would need a 2.5 Gbps (or 10 Gbps) card to get speeds over 1 Gbps, or a WiFi 6e device.


One test that can be done is to run the speed test on several devices at the same time and then add up the speeds to get your total.


In order to get 1.5 Gbps speeds, you should have an XB7 or XB8 Gateway (Gen 2 or 3) with port 4 used for Ethernet since that's the only port over 1 Gbps.  See the following thread for previous discussions

Re: 5G Home internet

I've been here awhile
Using Ethernet. And not just me but also the technicians who have come to my residence to troubleshoot. With WiFi6 devices, it goes much lower even while within 10ft of the router.

Re: 5G Home internet

Did you run the Home Connect App Troubleshooting test?  Did you bother reading the other information I provided in the few seconds since my post?

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