No Ignite TV app for Apple TV

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Re: No Ignite TV app for Apple TV

@JR2009 wrote:
Hi we just got Rogers ignite tv package. We also have a subscription to Apple TV programs. Is there any way to get the Apple TV on our smart tv. We have a subscription to Netflix and prime and we’re able to get those. But not apple help

Interesting question.  This thread topic concerns users who want to watch Ignite TV on an Apple TV streaming device.  You and @kks are asking about when we might be able to watch the Apple TV+ streaming service on our Ignite TV set-top boxes.


According to the Apple TV+ web site and the Apple TV app support page, Apple TV+ can be streamed on Roku and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices and on many smart TVs.  However, Apple has not yet released a streaming app for the Comcast Xfinity set-top boxes.  Until they do, we will not see an Apple TV+ app on Ignite TV or on Ignite SmartStream.

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Re: No Ignite TV app for Apple TV

Its more than just no App. They deliberately go out of their wY to let you mirror to your own smart TV.. so constricting, making me think twice about staying with Rogers!
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Re: No Ignite TV app for Apple TV

I have an Apple TV streaming receiver....not looking for an app. Does this not work either?