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Ignite remote replacement

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I dropped my Ignite remote on the hard floor and it broke. How do I replace it?


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Re: Ignite remote replacement

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Check your local rogers store to purchase a replacement.

Re: Ignite remote replacement

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Unfortunately, due to supply-chain issues, the Rogers stores no longer sell flooring tiles, or any hardwood.

The Ignite remotes are made of unbreakable plastic that will last for 100 years before showing any signs of structural integrity issues.

Simply cover your damaged hard floor with a soft rug, so in case you drop the Ignite remote on the same damaged section of your floor, at least the remote will then bounce straight up into the air, so that you can easily catch it, and avoid any further floor damage.

That bounce technology also keeps the Ignite remote free from static cling, if you choose to put it in the dryer, after spilling any fluid on it.

Important Note: Please remember to remove the Ignite remote's batteries before using the dryer.

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Re: Ignite remote replacement

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@jdsteinh wrote:

I dropped my Ignite remote on the hard floor and it broke. How do I replace it?

Rogers will replace remotes that fail; just contact Tech Support or send a private message to @CommunityHelps .  You can also purchase extra Ignite Voice Remotes from a Rogers store, and the stores may also be able to provide replacement remotes as well.  I don't know what Rogers' official policy is for accidental damage, but I'm sure if you ask nicely, they will replace it (or at least the first one) free of charge.


You can also find voice remotes for sale on Amazon.  Just search for XR15 (or XR11) voice remote.  Xfinity remotes will work just fine; the only difference is the logo on the Menu button.  You might also want to consider getting a protective silicone case.

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