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iPhone 13 poor phone call quality

I've been around

I got the new iPhone 13 last year and from day one the phone hasn't worked right. Apparently it sounds like I'm under water and I also hear feedback on my end. I never had this issue with my iPhone 8. I went to Apple because it's under warranty. They changed some settings which didn't help. They then replaced the entire backend of the phone and the front screen which they scratched. So I pretty much got a new phone. It worked better for a while but now about a month later, the issues are starting again. It happens whether I'm at home or out and when I'm speaking with different people.  I have not damaged my phone to cause this. It happened from day one. Any idea what is happening? Is this a Rogers network issue? I can go back to Apple but after pretty much replacing the phone, I'm not sure what else they can do. Thank you!


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Re: iPhone 13 poor phone call quality


Good Day @adrienneleopold!


Thank you for your post! Yikes! 😬 Fellow iPhone user here and I'm saddened to hear about your experience with your iPhone 13. It definitely sounds like an isolated incident with your device specifically.


As you have already taken the device to Apple and they have since replaced some parts, it would be best to go back to the store as the issue still persists. I'm confident they will be able to take a much needed look to try to resolve the problem. 





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