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Unable to send photos texts

I plan to stick around

A few months ago I had ongoing issues with two iPhones. Unable to send photos/screenshots to groups with androids or even just to androids. It got fixed for awhile but it started again. Please fix the issue.




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Re: Unable to send photos texts


Hello @Joaner !


Thanks so much for your post! We hope you enjoy visiting us in the community. 🙂


So sorry to hear that this particular issue seems to have popped up again for you. I'm sure it's not fun. 😞  May I please clarify, how were you able to resolve it the previous time? Was our wireless tech team able to help?


A few suggestions, if I may:


- Check the size of the file you are attempting to send. Android devices can typically send MMS messages up to 1MB in size, while iPhones are limited to 300KB.


- Check your SMS/MMS settings to be sure they are turned on. Navigate to Settings > Messages and under the 'SMS/MMS' section toggle on MMS Messaging.


- Check to make sure you have a strong network connection where you are located, before attempting to send your picture message. 


If still no luck, please try a full reboot of your iPhone to see if that helps. Another thing that may help is to back up your files and try a factory reset, but this would be considered a last resort (if all else fails). We can also take a look at our end if needed--you may send us a PM @CommunityHelps to get started. 🙂


Please keep us posted on your results, here in the community! 


Kind regards,



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