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Apple Watch Ultra | Plan Rogers - Status No Connection Issue | No Cellular Connection

I've been around

Hello Roger’s Community / Admins


As of 2024 January End. 


I am trying really hard to get this Apple Watch Ultra get Cellular Connection and Data Working - 


It was working perfectly fine last year, in 2024 we changed the plan to more discounted package, after that new profile was created my Apple Watch stopped working - I got it recovered with new Apple Watch number - tried following for the past three days with the customer support agent 


1- Apple Watch Firmware updated

2- Erase and factory reset Apple Watch 

3- Re-Linked Setup Cellular - with status Success 

4- When I phone is left behind there is a big Red X mark in the middle of screen saying no cellular connection - despite of Enabled Cellular and Cellular Data ON - on the watch itself 

5- Nothing is working 

6- There was a case number generated for back to back issue - but today I called Roger’s Tech support they found out the ticket is closed - I fail to understand where this issue is leading to.


Any thoughts guys ? Really I have tried all possible solutions - even I read some where about IMEI - I have checked with them the IMEI binding is correct 





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Re: Apple Watch Ultra | Plan Rogers - Status No Connection Issue | No Cellular Connection


Good evening @ahmedhuang,


Welcome to the Community!


I appreciate the details you've shared, it definitely helps narrow down what may be causing a connection issue. Did tech support tell you why the ticket was closed? 


Does the Watch work fine when it's in the vicinity of your iPhone? I went through Apple support and found this link, can you try the steps listed in the article?


Please keep us posted!






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