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Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I Plan to Stick Around

Now that we are well into December of 2017, I just wanted to reiterate that locked phones are a thing of the past (well, 4 days in the past).


I'm extremely hopeful Rogers will make it a priority to look after their subscribers who use unlocked Android devices with Wi-Fi and VoLTE capabilities. For someone like me who works in an office that provides 1-2 bars of EDGE on a consistent daily basis, having Wi-Fi calling would be completely liberating.


Who else is in this same boat as me? 



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Re: Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I've Been Here Awhile
Im in the process of leaving Rogers also,for the same exact reasons you mentioned!

Re: Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @popo

I do agree with you 100%. Unfortunately Rogers however like many other carriers in Canada are allowed to block certain features. Although its a disgusting and poor choice, most carriers in Canada do this so you can buy the phones they sell instead. This is something many of us for years have complained. At one point iPhone 6 devices which were bought outright from Apple when launched were never allowed to have WiFi calling. It took Rogers and most carrier almost 2 years to allow this on them. I know as I ran the pre order threads on here and seem it..

The manufacturers set specific IMEI numbers to each device. There is no same IMEI number and no where in the world does a manufacturer or carrier allow spoofing of a IMEI number. Rogers does not create IMEI numbers and by law in many countries no carrier is allowed to spoof a IMEI Number or allow that to happen.. Don't know which part of the world you are from however I really doubt a carrier let alone a device manufacturer allows spoofing of a IMEI  

If you have any further questions regarding spoofing of a IMEI, I welcome you to contact Samsung Canada legal team or their head office and they can gladly explain this to you. If you want you can also speak to the Office of the President at Rogers or their fraud department and they can advice you as well if it's illegal on their end or not. However there have been cases which some have been banned from networks for it and also if a IMEI number is blacklisted, whatever phone shares that specified IMEI number will be blacklisted as well.

As per the comment regarding about the services not being enabled and such, I agree with you but you as a customer can also contact the CRTC and file a complain with them.. The CRTC is the one the controls rules and regulations regarding carriers and their practices. They would be the ones you go to and file a complaint.

Re: Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I Plan to Stick Around

Yes please Rogers. I bought the unlocked Note 8 from Hong Kong and I need wifi calling too

Re: Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I Plan to Stick Around

I spoke to CRTC and they said is not their problem. It is between us and Rogers

Re: Wi-fi calling on unlocked Android devices

I'm Here A Lot

I bought the Note 9 from Samsung cause Rogers does not offer the 512 GB variant. however, I am not able to activate wifie calling. Rogers customers service please help me activate wifi calling