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Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone,

Figured I'd start a thread for the Huawei line of phones at Roger's. This should serve as a great registry for current and upcoming developments.

1st on the docket list for the P20: July 9th security update; June version. I have yet to see this update appear on my phone. This holds true even using the computer firmware software update.

It's currently July 14th and the OS upgrade table has morphed from "June security updates" to "Bug fixes + June security updates"

Can anyone comment on the changelog? I won't inquire about the delay because the most recent update to the chart says it all, I.e "big fixes"

The next anticipated feature I hope will deploy is WiFi calling. VoLTE on the P20 has been phenomenal to date!




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Re: Huawei OS updates

I've Been Here Awhile

i just got pie update OTA this morning and got it installed as well.  it was 4GB file.

Re: Huawei OS updates

Thanks. I just checked and I didn't get it. I'm in Ontario. GTA.

Re: Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around
I had checked this morning and nothing for me on the P20 Pro. Still same with HiSuite as well.

Re: Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around
Still nothing here.

Re: Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around

@p20prouser Thanks, at least we know they are working on it but, i just tried OTA & hisuite and no luck with either. Not sure if service location has anything to do with it but, i'm in the Niagara Area. 

I sent my info to Rodgers last night so i'll continue to wait patiently.