Android Visual Voicemail

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Android Visual Voicemail

I'm digging up this old thread hopefully Rogers will start listening.

To clarify, Yes Rogers did in the past offer VVM for years and years. Ive had it working on my android for atleast 5 years. It did stop working a few years back but then started working again. Only the past month has it stopped  working.   While trying to troubleshoot it , I did a factory reset the application, I dont know if it will come back 😞 .


said "While I'd really like to provide you with the reasoning behind the decision to discontinue the Visual Voicemail several years back,"

I am guessing , the reason is licensing and the cost involved.

For all you iPhone users, these features are licensed thru third parties, even apple does that.  But for a carrier the cost is minuscule. But I guess Rogers doesn't want to do that without adding a premium component.