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Worst service

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I’m writing a complaint about an horrible experience I had in store at Rogers located inside of Oshawa Town Centre with an employee named “Zara”. As I was discussing my Rogers bill with an employee. While me and employee were talking about my bill and it’s charges she was just texting on her cellphone . As I’m discussing my bill and making payments, Zara then got involved and told me that I’m lazy and how I don’t need to come to her store to ask questions and to use the mobile app instead of coming into her store and asking questions about my bill. Zara repeatedly told me that I should download the app and download pdf onto my phone. I was humiliated and I just couldn’t understand why she was being so mean and disrespectful towards me. I never in my life had an issue with a Rogers employee in my 20 years of being with Rogers. I would never go back to that location again. I also said I would call her manager about this horrible experience. Zara then told me go ahead I don’t care.



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Re: Worst service

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Zara sounds like one of those "quiet quitters" that needs to be loudly fired!

The other employee that helped you, should have scolded Zara, but perhaps Zara's attitude has spread to the other employees, or they already know that Zara is a menace that is best ignored.

Instead of spending hours on hold for a billing issue, a Rogers store employee can often lend a helping hand. It's one service that they are actually allowed to do. However, as Rogers moves towards apps, social media, and limiting many of its stores to sales depots, to buy or pickup phones or various equipment, the employees can more easily feel like customers stopping by to ask for help, are a threat to their quiet-quitting lifestyle, and will feel the need to bully those customers, so that they don't return.

Instead of never returning to that store, you should instead take several friends with you the next time you go to that store, just for moral support, or perhaps to keep Zara busy, so she has less time for herself to text or watch youtube videos.

Don't let that bully keep you away from a store you find convenient to visit. Good for you that you personally interacted with a real person to help you with a problem. If Rogers doesn't like that, and in fact wants its employees to push customers out of the stores to seek help in other ways, so be it. At least you tried to be human.

Noah Bernstein
(Creator of Zara's Theme)

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