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Winback Offer

I've been around

I passed on a winback call almost 2 months ago but now would like to go back.


I left Rogers to Bell because of a better plan, a few weeks back I got a call from Rogers Winback team, i thought it could be a scam so didn't believe much. Now i am interested in hearing if I can still qualify for a winback offer... 


Anyone knows how i can check my profile and see? I am with Bell 150Gig US/Canada but want a similar plan with Rogers cheaper now.




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Re: Winback Offer


Hello @RangeIM,


I hope this message finds you well! I can definitely understand your curiosity over the offer that was previously presented by our Winback folks! Sometimes, if the offer sounds too good, it may be hard to believe.


We can certainly check your old Rogers account to see if they happened to leave the details of the offer on file for you and verify if the offer is still valid or not.


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,




Re: Winback Offer

Hi @RogersYasmine  - I believe I'm getting calls from the WINBACK Team from this number 1-833-425-2389. However, whenever I attend them, the calls are getting dropped!! 

You may reach me back anytime at xxx-xxx-xxxx  (**Keep personal info private. - RogersZia)**. Thank you for your attention - Bharat.

Re: Winback Offer

I as well received an offer last month. The account holder was not present so they said they would call back on Monday. And I’ve never received a call back. Is it possible to look into mine as well?

Re: Winback Offer

Same here!! Can somebody get them to call me ?? Thanks !!

Re: Winback Offer

Can you call or email me on the win back as I missed there call but got the offer

Re: Winback Offer

Good day @aash10,


I hope you're doing well and thanks for reaching out!


Please know that the Winback team that handles these requests need to contact you. They unfortunately do not accept transfers in real time. This being the case, if you received an offer and some action was required from you, you should receive a call back within two business days. 


If when the specialists contacts you, you miss the call. Don’t worry they will try again. You do not need to call us back at that point as we are unable to expedite a second request for them to contact you.


Let us know if you have questions!



Re: Winback Offer

I've been around

My wife and I received a call from the Rogers Winback team, Everything went well, order was put through. A couple of days we received a notification that the store the Winback team requested the phones through was out of stock and our order/plan had been cancelled.


When can we expect a call back from the Winback team to set this up again or how can we contact them? We understand this is an unfortunate circumstance but also a terrible way to win back a customer. Just to add some context, the cancellation notification was sent Sunday August 6 and we have not heard back from anyone.

Re: Winback Offer

Hi Yasmin. I’ve changed my plan from Rogers to Bell and week after get a call from winback and get an offer. I took the offer but didn’t match with the confirmation email. I tried to leave a note for accepting call back to fix that issue. No body call me back and I couldn’t back to Rogers again. If you can do something that would be great. Thanks

Re: Winback Offer

I've been around

Can someone from Winback team call me, I really need to upgrade and wanted to move back to rogers, I left a month ago and no reached out to me 

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