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In February 2022, i decided to upgrade my iphone with Rogers Communications. A New iphone was sent to me, but on arrival, i realized it was the wrong phone.

i called and told them i would return it and if they could send me a new one. At this point i insisted i would drop the phone off at my local Rogers store. They said no, it had to be returned by Puraltor, which was against my wishes. I returned the phone with Puraltor with tracking information.

My new phone arrived a few days later and was happy.

Didn't think about the phone i returned because i thought they had received it as they had sent my new phone.

5 months later after returning from Europe, i realize my credit card had been charged for the non - returned handset for $1962.81.

After calling and complaning, they decided to investigate. Outcome after 4 months, the parcel arrived at Rogers empty. After talking to their management, even their so called president management, i was told in short i was a thief. Why would i carry on with their service and have a new phone by them if i have been told i am a thief.

Someone in their warehouse or past employer TOOK MY PHONE!!! 

They did respond to me just before Christmas, offering to reimburse me 1 month. What a joke!



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That turned out to be an expensive trip to Europe. ✈️

Perhaps the free month was basically just an apology for sending the wrong phone in the first place.

There are reports of some Rogers customers walking into a store to return Ignite equipment, even after being told they couldn't. My guess is that you may have a one-in-one-thousand chance of finding a store with the "right" employee willing to process an equipment return.

Has the statue of Liberty (AKA: statute of limitations) run out on getting the almost two grand back? Can the CCTS, or whatever it's called, investigate, or is it a matter for the court of public opinion to decide?

This is a problem that could have easily been avoided, had the Rogers store-return been an option, or quite simply the prompt return of the funds to the Eurolator customer.

Am I likely to buy or use products without a return-to-store option in the future? Nope ... unless perhaps you give me a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Europe, to keep me distracted while you steal my phone. ☎️

See you later, Purolator. 🐊

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