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Upfront Edge Device Return

I've been here awhile

I have been a Rogers mobile customer for over 10 years, not that anyone in their customer service department seems to care. I added another line and ported my wife's number over, closing her previous Rogers account. She was told by Rogers that if she returned her phone within 30 days of closing her account she would be refunded $420 as part of the upfront edge program. This was confirmed multiple times before, and after returning the phone. The phone was confirmed received by Rogers within 15 days. We never received any refund. Both my wife and I have spent several hours in the phone with "customer service". Every time we are told 1 of 2 things. 1) we can't authorize that amount of refund right now, but a manager will contact you in the next 2 days. Or 2) The refund should appear on your account in 2-5 business days.

Enough of the lies Rogers! Either refund the amount as promised, or send us back our iPhone! Unbelievable how poorly you are treating your customers. It's a simple and straight forward situation that has been "confirmed" and understood by several of your employees and yet we are still here waiting 2 months later for any sign of a refund. Someone take action here. Lookup my account, listen to the "recordings", and check the notes. I'm not going to waste anymore time explaining a simple situation over and over again.



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Re: Upfront Edge Device Return


Hello, @Customer1234567.


We appreciate you being a member of Rogers' family for so long, and welcome to our Community!


There is some confusion regarding the device return as there is no option to return the device if you cancel or transfer your line during the 2-year term.


What happens if I cancel or transfer my wireless services during my 2-year term?


If the term was completed, you must return the device before the term expiry date. 


 I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. 


Was there a ticket created to investigate the device return?






Re: Upfront Edge Device Return

The 2 year term was completed and the device was returned on time. No ticket was created, we have just been wasting time calling into support and being fed multiple false promises.

The last call I was given a case number: c192347336 and interaction: i2105040927

Please look this up and contact me so this can finally be resolved.

Re: Upfront Edge Device Return

I just had 2 calls that we're each and hour long on calls with "support". Both times I was transferred multiple times until the line went dead. Your people just hung up on me with no explanation and didn't call back, even though they assured me they would if the line was disconnected. Liars, all of you! No one keeps track of the notes, no one cares whatsoever. It seems the goal of your "support" is to make the experience so frustrating and impossible that we simply give up and accept that you robbed us of the $420 upfront edge cost and a perfect good iPhone.

Re: Upfront Edge Device Return

Hi @Customer1234567,


We appreciate the detailed response and thank you for reaching out to us in the PMs. We're hopeful we can work towards a resolution.


Thank you for your participation in the Community!



Re: Upfront Edge Device Return

I've been around
We have the same issue. Rogers is making fool of people and threatening them for credit related legal issues for people ending their terms. We called the customer service for device return at the time our contract was ending. The agent prepared the return bills which we received after a month. The return was sent for 4 devices although we have 5 devices. Upon calling again and checking on the 5th return way bill, we're now informed that we can't return these devices and have to buy them and pay the rogers bill of over $2700. Wow! They're saying the devices need to be returned before porting the numbers. How in the heaven is that possible and why was the return bills sent to us. This is a scam by Rogers again and again and now a new one. But honestly this time won't let go so easy. Will definitely be going to consumers court and CRTC
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