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Triton Global Third Party Charges

I've been here awhile

On my January 2024 ROGERS bill an additional charge of $3.89 was noted as a 'Third Party Billing. I contacted ROGERS and they stated it was made on 01 Dec 2023 to Triton Global for one minute and was told that ROGERS can not remove it or credit my account nor can ROGERS do anything about it such as block it from their customer's phones! Look up Triton Global and you will find numerous complaints from Rogers customers about them regarding third party billing  but, to my knowledge, nothing has been done by any organization (ROGERS?) to stop them.



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Re: Triton Global Third Party Charges

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Retired Moderator

Good Day @panda351, 👋


Unexpected charges on your bill can be rather bothersome. I found some helpful information on how to block or unblock services offered by Triton. In order to do so, you would have to request the change directly through them by emailing or calling 1- 866-340-4990. Please ensure you provide the following details as well:


Action: Block or Unblock
Number: The phone number impacted


I hope this helps!




Re: Triton Global Third Party Charges

I've been here awhile

Done per e-mail below, awaiting their action and response and will post it accordingly.


I was charged $3.89 on my Rogers bill by a number that was traced back to Triton. I had not called nor received a call from Triton. Rogers would not remove the amount from my bill!
To avoid recurring charges please unsubscribe / block the following number from Triton with thanks in advance and advise of your action.
1-xxx-xxx-xxxx (Number hidden purposely for this reply)

Re: Triton Global Third Party Charges

I've been here awhile
My reply to Triton's e-mail to me: 
Neither of the 2 household members accessed the phone as you have indicated below but I thank you very much for your quick and informative reply and your action to ensure we are not charged again. This file is now closed and again, thank you.
xxxx xxxx
On Friday, January 19, 2024 at 04:42:42 p.m. EST, <> wrote:

Good Afternoon,

The charge is for using 800 directory assistance. Someone from this phone dialed a toll-free number, the number that they dialed was either changed or no longer in service and a recording came on the phone that stated, "the number you have dialed has been changed, to access the new 1 800 number, at a cost of 3.89, press one now to be transferred to a directory assistance operator." They would have then pressed the one and the call was transferred to an operator.

We have blocked your phone number as of today, which will prevent any future charges. 


Danielle| Triton Global Business Services

National Customer Service Supervisor|Toll Free: 1.866.340.4990

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