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Unreturned Device Charge Dispute

I've Been Around


I had shipped/returned a faulty Xs Iphone after receiving my new one back in October/20. I am pretty confident I followed the tracking #  and found the phone to arrive back at the Rogers depot so I figure why worry right? Well I get my bill for December and there was a $1452 charge for not receiving the damaged phone.  I contacted Rogers about it, a ticket was created and the phone was discovered. My big problem other than Rogers dropping the ball is that there was no advanced email or phone call about the warning of a possible extra charge. They were simply going to auto charge me at the last minute. I am obviously happy they found it but not good customer service.



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Re: Unreturned Device Charge Dispute


Hello and welcome @gerrybert!


I am sorry to hear of your experience. I am glad that it was all sorted out in the end but I do appreciate the feedback.


Thank you for sharing your story with us.






Re: Unreturned Device Charge Dispute

At the end of October 2020, I signed up at Rogers Communications and requested an iPhone 12 Pro. They said it would be shipped in 4-5 weeks. I expected that would be the case and was fine with it. When the phone arrived, it was incorrect. Rogers shipped the iPhone 12. I contacted them, (waited on hold for 1/2 hour) and was given a shipping / tracking number to return it. I sent it back the next day and it was received by Rogers a week later.

When I called to return the incorrect phone, they said they would send out the correct one again and that would be 5-6 weeks. After a week of pondering I contacted Rogers and told them to cancel the phone. I no longer wanted it. I had returned the wrong phone and a tablet (which were both received at their Ontario warehouse).

I began receiving invoices from Rogers and they’re charging me for the phone and sent my unpaid bills to collections. I hadn’t even taken the wrong phone out of the box and the correct phone wasn’t even shipped. All this was going on in November, December, January and I’m still dealing with it in February.

At this point in February, I’m still receiving invoices for $1,244.90. I’m being reminded of the days I have to pay that amount or it will be sent to the Collection Agency and will affect my credit score.

I’ve called many times and I’ve talked to countless representatives and I haven’t gotten anywhere with this. I’ve written down many of their Interaction ID numbers and mention those ID’s every time I speak to someone new. I’ve emailed their “Share a Concern” department and haven’t received any call backs. When I finally think I’ve talked to someone who’s finally able to help, a week later, I’ll receive the same invoice.

I’m always told; “I’m sorry, but our people in the Back End are the ones who have to handle this.”

If you’re a potential new Rogers customer, and you’re looking for reviews from previous people who’ve had to deal with them, then please read this post and seriously consider someone else. Their customer service is extremely poor and it’s upsetting because for Rogers “Communications” being a “Communications” company, their lack of communication and service and care regarding people’s concerns and what they’re being put through because of the lack of care and doing anything to help, is an absolute zero.

I want nothing more than for this to go away, and my next discussion is with the CCTS and the BBB because I will not let Rogers ruin my day or credit score for something that should have been handled months ago.

Please go somewhere else! And if you choose Rogers, please be careful.

Re: Unreturned Device Charge Dispute

Hello @MadOne81,


Welcome to the Rogers community and thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is very disheartening to hear about the difficulties you've been having as this is never the type of experience we want for any of our valued customers. 🙁


I understand that you had received and returned an iPhone (along with a tablet) as it was the incorrect model type and that you used the return label provided by us to do so. We just need some further clarification to better understand what transpired from there:


Upon receiving several invoices stating that you still owed for the returned device, did you request or did anyone at Rogers offer to open an investigation into why the return was not registered to your account and why the charges were not reversed?


Normally, when a customer reports an issue via our 'Share a Concern' page, they should receive a follow-up within approximately 72 business hours. I'm surprised that no one tried to reach out to you--that's both strange and disappointing. 


If you'd like for us to review your account further to see what is going on, please send us a PM to get started. We are happy to take a closer look. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Kind regards,

Re: Unreturned Device Charge Dispute

Charged $429 on my card


I recently cancelled my rogers internet and was required to return them modem. During that time, there were no available stores that could receive the modem and that the agent will send me an address where I can send it via courier but there was none. I called few weeks again to ask how can I return the modem but then again the agent said that she will send me an email with the label for returning the device but again, there was none.

Re: Unreturned Device Charge Dispute

I Plan to Stick Around

call back and ask the agent to email you a Canada Post label. Stay on the phone with the agent until you get the label, should be instant 

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