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Rogers error still eating up my credit!

I Plan to Stick Around

My Rogers cellular phone plan account profile has always stated I have reached over to the maximum credit limit of $300 every month, I always paid my bill on time, I have no direct deposit set up. I did phone and online chatted with Rogers but they said they think it's a technical error and sent a tech report through those few times I asked about it over the coarse of a few months every time. It is still there.

I tried seeing my credit when I use the phone number with my account and it seems this supposed Rogers error is eating up my credit all of this time, I feel so sad about it because I know that's what is happening even as it can be out of deliberation on Rogers side because I came across some Rogers employees who do bad stuff like that, an example is when a Rogers Employee asked for my 3 digits at the back of my card with my information's and I told the next Rogers employee but he only said yes that is fraud for a Rogers employee to ask for that but he did nothing because they can trace the call and employee. It's just the whole set up that makes me feel like I'm being eaten by Rogers as a whole.

I do have a credit of $14 in my account profile so for now it says=

"You’ve reached over 75% of your credit limit. Please make a payment now.

Total balance

Re: Rogers error still eating up my credit!


Good afternoon @whatisthisplace,


Credit Limit  is a preset spending limit that restricts your monthly usage and purchases by temporarily suspending your service if your account balance reaches or exceeds a predefined amount (in your case the amount is $300 as you've mentioned in your post.)


Please know this amount can include your account balance, and any pending/billed and unbilled charges.


If you'd like us to review your account please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to do so :).  If you're not familiar with how to PM, please see this post.




Re: Rogers error still eating up my credit!

I Plan to Stick Around
I am meaning to say it is saying I used up my $300 credit every month that message refreshes itself even while I pay my bill before the due date always and my bill isn't that much every month, And it says I have to pay up or my services are terminated. As I said I am paying my bill but the message is still there. Please let me know because Rogers online chat support told me they sent the problem which they understood what I said and sent it to technical support but that was months ago. I feel my credit is being eaten by Rogers and no acknowledgement.
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