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Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

I plan to stick around



I'm a new Rogers subscriber. I'm new here in Canada as well. May I know if this promo is legit 3 months free no charge? How can I claim it since I haven't received my phone yet? Can I claim it after receiving my phone? Thank you!




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Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE


Greetings @BruisedWayne!


First off, a very warm welcome to the Rogers family! We are so excited that you chose us to be your first wireless carrier and we hope you enjoy being here in Canada!! 😁🍁


In order to confirm the legitimacy of the "3 months free" offer, can you please verify the following for us?


-Where did you see this offer presented? On the website or via a third party website? Or through another avenue? (Please specify).

-Are you able to copy and paste the full offer details for us here?


I have not personally come across such a promotion, but once you provide the above details, I'll be happy to check into this further for you! To view our current wireless promotions, please click here


Kind regards,


Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

Hello Laura!

My apologies for the delayed response. I just received my phone and SIM today! Yay!

Please see below. I contacted the number but only machine answers. I don’t know where to use/put/say the code. Please help!







Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

I received it in my email after ordering the iPhone12.

Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE


Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

Thank you so much for following up with us @BruisedWayne!


We did some digging and confirmed that it was indeed an offer available to certain new customers meeting some requirements.


Following the reception of this email, did you call the number outlined and quoted the promotional offer you received, as indicated?


I understand that it can be confusing to go through the multiple choices in the menu to finally speak with someone.


We replied to your private message and look forward to assisting you via PM, if the need may be!



Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

I plan to stick around

I appreciate your response.
I did call the number and it was really confusing and when I finally made it to the option to talk to someone, I was waiting in queue for 20 minutes. I can’t wait that long because my break is only 30 minutes.

Can you please assist me with this offer?

Also, one more concern is the 50$ credit (Black Friday) when will it reflect on my account?

Thank you!

Re: Rogers's promotion - GET3FREE

Hey @BruisedWayne!


Our apologies, we're unable to assist with this particular offer as it is only available via tele-sales. 


Apologies for the inconvenience, I know it's tough sometimes to set the time aside. What I can tell you though is that the wait isn't always 20 minutes so you may have better luck trying again.


Regarding the Black Friday credit, this should show up on your bill within 3 billing cycles :).



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