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Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

I've been here awhile

I joined Rogers with an IGNITE INTERNET 150-UNLIMITED plan in December 2019.  I noticed that my March Bill was $4 more than I had paid in December/January/February.  After talking to someone on the chat they said that it "will be reversed on the next invoice automatically".  When I received my April Bill, the increased rate was still there.  After talking to someone on chat again they said that I had received notice of the rate increase, and that this is normal, even though my Residential Service Agreement from December has a price followed by "This is what we'll charge you each month until your monthly savings end" - my monthly savings do not end until December 2020.   I went round in circles with someone on chat asking for details of the notice of increase because I didn't think I had received it.  But other they couldn't tell me where I could find it and couldn't send me another copy.


I have had a look through my Feb bill, which is the last one at the lower rate and cannot find any information on it stating that my rate was increasing.  Can anyone advise where I would find details of the rate increase and if they can raise my rates after I have only been using the service for such a short time (3 months)?




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Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase


Hello @ejf5LEKHFWEIO,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your inquiry and I appreciate the steps you've taken to ensure you did not miss any pricing communication. 


I realize an increase in monthly pricing no matter the amount, can be inconvenient. Especially when you're not aware. Just based on the information you've shared I would think the price increase notices went out around the same time as you had the services installed. 


To clarify, a promotional offer comes with guaranteed savings, which means the monthly savings are guaranteed during the promotional period, but the monthly service fee is NOT guaranteed. The monthly service fee is subject to rate increases at any time even during the promotional period.


The rate increase notifications are auto-sent, and we may not have access to re sending the communication. I know you've mentioned you spoke to my colleagues over in Live Chat, were they able to provide a resolution?


Please keep us posted!





Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

I've been here awhile

Hi there,

Thanks for responding.  To me it seems a bit odd that the rate increases would have already gone out when I signed up - why did I get signed up to the lower price?  The people I spoke to on the chat were unable to help me resolve the problem - by the end of our conversation I just wanted information about the rate increase because to me it is not ok for my rates to go up with no written warning.  One chat person told me it was on my previous bill (but I cannot find it on that Bill), the other said that it was sent to me and when I asked to be sent another copy they said they "do not have a link or details I can send regarding the rate increase". 

As you mentioned in your response they gave me the same information in our chat conversation - I have locked savings but not a locked rate.  However, the screen shot from my residential service agreement says "this is what we will charge you..." but only 3 months later Rogers have increased the price, without notifying me, so it is apparently not what they will charge me.  It's all just very weird - especially seeing as they don't seem to be able to send me another copy of the information about the rate increase which  I have apparently already received.

I just want clear details of what increase has happened and why it is happening after I have only had the service for 3 months.Rogers.JPG

Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

Hello, @ejf5LEKHFWEIO


Thanks so much for providing us with that additional information.


We'd like to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your information and review the notes on your file along with your recent bills. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, Click Here.


We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂





Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

This is absolutely strange, I am on a promo pricing and I got notice of a price increase a few months back, so i was prepared for it, then i got another notice recently the price increase was "postponed" which means it will still happen later on its not cancelled just put on hold. So yes my bill has been consistent in price no change.

Do you actually download and save the PDF bills from your MyRogers account onto your C:\>_ Drive in a folder for archiving purposes if so just read the PDF files one by one I saw the notice of price increase on the actual pdf bill. By law they need to give you ample notice of an increase and ts usually a bill memo

Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

I've been around

Hello Rogers


In September 21, 2020 I made a "new deal" for 12 months, starting from Dec 09, 2020 , internet for $54.99 (confirmation # removed: keep personal info private)


The very first bill was already increased to $57.99 (6%)

Rogers has a habit of increasing the bills over the year, but should be a certain decency for "new deals" , a grace period of 2-3 months , not an increase from first day.

Re: Rate Increase 3 Months Into Activation - Cannot Find Notice of the Increase

Hello @ClaudiuB,


Thanks so much for joining us in the community forums and great first post! We hope you continue to visit often! 👍


I definitely understand that increases to your rates are not fun. We try our best to keep them to a minimum, wherever possible, but sometimes they are needed in order for us to offer our customers the best and most innovative options. 


Regardless, we definitely hear your concerns and appreciate your feedback! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and we hope you enjoy being a customer of Rogers. 😊


Kind regards,


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