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Rogers not honoring advertised wirless plan

I've been around

Rogers has the 5G Infinite Essential plan with 120 GB, which is advertised for $55 for new and existing Rogers internet, TV, home phone, or home monitoring customers who are activating a new mobile line or upgrading their device. I already have my cell phone plan with Rogers, but I wanted to transfer my wife's line from another provider. I called a Rogers salesperson who said I would be able to get the plan. There was a delay in getting the new device, and I received it last week, but I am subscribed to a $90 plan.


I called Rogers last week and spent more than 2 hours waiting on the phone. The person assisting me couldn't resolve the issue and mentioned that there was a ticket opened with the back office regarding this when I initially called to set up the new line a month ago. She said she would escalate the ticket. Today, I called back to find out the status, but there were no updates. So, I asked to cancel the new line, but I was put on hold for more than an hour and then got disconnected. I am at a loss regarding what to do now.



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Re: Rogers not honoring advertised wirless plan


Good afternoon @AR99,


Thank you for your post and for taking the time to share your experience with us. I comprehend your overall experience with your wife's new line activation was far from perfect.


If I understand correctly, due to the delay in receiving the phone the promotional plan had expired by the time the line was activated. Is that right?


While our offers vary from time to time, if you have accepted it and you're still eligible, it should be honored. Normally, our Back Office team is the one in charge to have an expired promotion reapplied. Have you been updated on the status of the ticket, since you posted?


We would like the opportunity to look into this further, if need be. To do so, we'll need access to your account. Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps, when you have a moment. To learn how to send us a message, take a look at our blog





Re: Rogers not honoring advertised wirless plan

I have also recently moved to rogers and added 4 lines. I moved because of the shaw home customer plan you were advertising for original price of 85$ plus another 25 in discounts for be a shaw customer and additional 30 for every line after. You are now charging me 90$ original price per line. I have call and spent hours on the line and have been hung up on and transfered to multiple wrong departments and once I finally reached loyalty, they said the couldn't help me with the original price because everything was already set in place. That confused me as this was my first bill and I was trying to sort of the dicrepencies.  Why are you advertising a original price of 85$ and not honouring that orignal price. It makes a difference, a huge difference, especially 5$ dollars on each phone. I spoke with an online agent to get the specific deal, as I was not able to get that advertised price when doing the order myself online.  Now you wont honour that original price and I'm forced to pay a higher bill as the discounts don't bring it down the the sale price you were advertising either. You are currently still advertising the original price as 85$ for the 5g Infite Essential now for your black friday deals. Why is this not being honoured for your new customers. Your new customers should feel happy about joining your company and not leave a really bad taste in my mouth from being taken advantage of by a billion dollar company and then have no recourse to resolve the issue.  

Re: Rogers not honoring advertised wirless plan

Further more,

my activation charge was from the time of shipping not from when I actually activated my phones through you and ported our numbers over. So we were charged for having the phones when we didn't even have them yet. But there was nothing to be done about that either. Originally told it was from the time it was activated with the SIM card ( since we ordered online and it would be shipped to us) but then we were told we should have been given the option and I must have chosen to activate...,( which we weren't and I didn't ),  then I was told no, it is actually activated and charged from when you ship the phone out. So confusing when I'm getting different answers from customer service agents and multiple different anwers from the loyalty agent. Also, loyallity said they cannot contest to what the website says. Are they not supposed to be aware of all of you promos and plans that are being advertised? Seems thats what a customer service agent should be aware of and be able to honour. Very uphappy with your customer service and overall experience moving over to your company. 

Re: Rogers not honoring advertised wirless plan

Good afternoon @Mistyflicker!


We offered to look into this further for you but have not yet received a PM from you so that we could initiate our investigation into your concerns.


If you still would like our help with this, please feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here




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