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Misinformed while upgrading the wireless plan

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Hi Rogers Team,

I have been with Rogers for about 5 years. Recently I got exclusive offer in my account to change the plan. I find the offer was good so I called to know more about it. I spoke to agent Sunday but I was not informed that if I change to new plan I will lose my 1000 LD mins and suggested I can change it through my rogers account on May 1st to avoid prorated bill. Also when I changed the plan the screen outline current plan & new plan detail side by side (Luckily I took screenshot) but did not mention that I am going to loose those 1000 LD by this change. Only thing it showed that I will receive the email once this change approved. After few hours I received email mentioning that I lost 1000 LD so I called customer service right early in the morning and spoke to Andrea (very nice lady who listened my concern) but she had to transfer me to loyalty department. Then I spoke to Amrita from loyalty department who told me that there is nothing that can be done because I made the changes online and by not talking to agent. I explained the same story that I am not informed by the agent when I called a day before as I mentioned above. So she tried to help but put me on hold multiple times over 1 hour and every time tried to blame that it was my fault. For example, she also mentioned that when I changed the plan there should be auto populated message that says I will lose those 1000 LD minutes. I told her that there was nothing like that and I am willing email her that screenshot I mentioned earlier in this email. However, she said Roger  does not accept it from customer (Basically it means I did not get chance to prove that I was not notified about loosing LD minutes neighter by agent nor by online. It means I am lying and only whatever Rogers' customer care people says is final truth). I even agreed to get 500 LD min (even its not my fault) if Rogers can fix it but Amrita said its not possible. So, I said I would like to stay with Rogers if they can give me my old plan back but she said its not possible either. I tried one more time to stay with Rogers if they can adjust the prize of the new plan to my old prize but she kept denying all the request after putting me on hold every time. In a word, the loyal customer who stay with the Rogers for long time did not get any appreciation about their loyalty rather get blamed for such mistakes even if customers are not at fault. I am NOT happy with how Rogers & loyalty department people treat their loyal customer.



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Re: Misinformed while upgrading the wireless plan

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Changing or upgrading anything at Rogers can often turn a satisfied customer into one that can't wait to cancel and run to the competition.

That's one of the reasons why Rogers has an Office of the President dept. filled with agents who happen to have more power than the agents we first deal with.

If the Office of the Prez agents fail to satisfy you, at least you were rejected by somebody closer to the top of the food chain ... Which makes it easier to pack your bags and try another company.

If you don't want to call Rogers to later get a Prez agent on your case, you can simply scroll down this page and click Contact Us, followed by Share a Concern (near bottom of page you arrive at after clicking Contact Us).

You can choose different ways to interact with the Prez agent, and once you get a taste of speaking to an agent with more power than the first or second level agents, it's hard to go back.

Sorry to bother you, Mr. President agent, but can you help me get rid of a noisy neighbour? Hello? Hello? Are you still there? It's me, mebe. 💕

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