Made a Payment to the Wrong Account

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Made a Payment to the Wrong Account

Hi I have a rogers account (rogers high speed internet only) and added rogers as payee in my  new bank account only instead of entering my Rogers Account number i entered my Rogers Internet account number and made 2 online payments until I noticed that my payments where not being posted as being received when checking my rogers online account. So i sent 2 payments to a rogers account that is mine...but when i contacted online chat they cannot see any payments received obviously because the payments where sent to an account that cannot be where are my payments going if they are not being received...sorry if this is a bit confused as well...any information would be greatly appreciated. Im going to contact my bank in the morning'd think that if i made a payment to a rogers account that is mine that there was some way of checking to see if any payments where received....they are not coming back in my bank account so...


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Re: Made a Payment to the Wrong Account

Welcome to the Community @pleblanc19,


You've definitely come to the right place! Just a couple of questions to get a better picture:


1) When and how did you make the payments?

2) Are both your Rogers accounts currently active?

3) Are you able to view the payments via MyRogers? Does the balance for either of the account reflect the payments?


Typically an online banking payment can take up to 3-5 business days to be posted. If it's past the expected dates I would recommend you to reach out to us and we can take a look into this for you. You can so do by sending a private message to @CommunityHelpsOur private messaging system is explained in this blog.


Additionally, may you please confirm if you can view both the account through MyRogers?







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Re: Made a Payment to the Wrong Account

As mentioned above, it can take a few days for any bank payment to be transferred to the payee.  It usually states this when you're making the payment. I know that my bank advises me that it can take a few business days.


If you noticed this "right away" then the required time has not yet passed and with this being the weekend, business days don't start again until Monday.  You may need to contact both the bank and Rogers once the required time has passed.

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