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Long Wait Times

I've been around

cannot reach anyone at this company - been trying for over a week

I have been trying to get a live person - impossible

terrible service

i have a tv box not working and need to update by bundle - thats it... and all i get is a 3 hour wait or no connection at all


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Re: Long Wait Times

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Ironically, the reps don't sound like they are that busy, working away from home. How do I know that? Screaming children in the background made it very obvious! I tried to get through to Support yesterday, twice. I kept getting Credit Services regardless of the option I picked, they would say everything is fime and Customer Care would need to look at the WiFi Calling issue. Obviously, Customer Care wasn't where I needed to go but with a 44 minute wait to get hung up on... I tried again later. Same thing again. Went to Credit Services first, had to wait on hold because again, they wanted to send me to Customer Care even though I told them I wanted Customer Support, finally got someone there aftet almost 40 minutes to get told I needed to speak to Customer Support. To no surprise, the call went into another queue for a few minutes before I got hung up on again! I gave up! Pure and complete incompetence!

Re: Long Wait Times


Greetings @annoyed99999 & @LordDrakkon ,


I hope this message finds you both well! I understand that wait times have been much longer than we'd like lately, and we really appreciate your patience. I'm so sorry to hear about calls being dropped.. that is definitely not okay and I'll be happy to send along this feedback to the appropriate team for investigation. 


Since posting, have either of you been able to get in touch with someone to receive the help needed? I do want to mention that we have several avenues of support aside from calling in, and they can all be found here. From my personal experience, I've found the Social Media folks to be a wonderful avenue of support, and they are available 24/7!


If you are still in need of support, you may also send us a PM @CommunityHelps and we can take a look and help find you a solution. 


Thanks so much for your contributions to our community and for making it a pleasant place to be. Come back often!


Kind regards,




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