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Lack of Professionalism

I've been here awhile

Events happened because of lack of professionalism in Rogers: 


1. After migrating my wife's number from Shaw to Rogers, I planned to switch mine from Bell to Rogers as well.

2. After placing an order and waiting for a week, I called to get an update. The person on the line told me that the account was flagged as fraud and advised me to call the fraud line.

3. After wasting a couple of hours trying to get in contact, they informed me that they couldn't help me and that I had to visit a Rogers store to validate. Despite explaining my situation - that I live in a remote work area with no access to a Rogers store - they insisted I go whenever I had the chance.

4. For some reason, I was able to travel to Montreal and went out of my way to visit a store for verification. After showing them two pieces of ID, I received instructions to call the fraud team in a few days, and they said everything was fine on their end.

5. When I called the fraud team, they told me to wait for 5 more days. After 5 days, I called again, and the person on the fraud line took action to fix the issue, assuring me that everything was clear and advising me to place a new order.

6. After placing a new order, I called today to get an update, only to be told the same thing again - that the account had been flagged for fraud.

7. This behavior by Rogers is highly unprofessional. I've wasted too much of my time dealing with this, not to mention almost missing my flight just to get to a store in Montreal for validation.



Re: Lack of Professionalism


Greetings @AliPorik ,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your recent experience here. We are really disappointed to hear that it didn't go so well and wish that the transaction could have been much smoother. 🙁


It is odd that the account was flagged a second time, despite your efforts to resolve the issue in-store by providing your ID and having the account documented. By any chance, has the issue been rectified since your post? If not, we'll definitely need to review your account to see what is going on, and try to figure out why this keeps happening. 


Feel free to shoot us a PM via @CommunityHelps to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thanks very much,




Re: Lack of Professionalism

I've been here awhile

The issue is not been rectified since. The last person I spoke to with the fraud team mentioned that there is nothing anybody can do unless I go to Roger store again with 2 pieces of ID.


 Which will be impossible for me until December when I get some time off to travel to Montreal.


Account number: (Removed for account security/privacy - RogersMoin), Please be my guest and go through the activities and notes on this account and let me know if there is anything which can be done.



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