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How long to port old number to Rogers?

I've been around

Just switched from Bell to Rogers. Found the spot to keep my old number, and started process. Been 3 days now and still not complete.
Also, we have a 2nd phone, got SIM card 2 days later. Want to port that number as well, but option is not visible. Will they both be ported together?



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Re: How long to port old number to Rogers?

I plan to stick around

Hi Norm,


The port process can be instant. But it depends on the due date set for the port in.


To successfully complete a port in to a new provider (Rogers). You must respond "YES" to the port text message sent to you by the old provider (Bell). Please remember, every line moving to the new provider (Rogers) must respond "YES" to the message received from the old provider.


I would suggest to put your bell sim cards in your phone, call Rogers to ask for a port-in request to be sent & respond Yes, on each line that received a message from bell.


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