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Financing vs Subsidy - am I now worse off on my cell plan?

I plan to stick around

I have 3 months left on my Edge Premium Tab plan until the contract ends.   It subsidized $20/month.   I want to buy a new phone at that time.


Under the Edge Premium Tab plan, I would have paid say $100/month plus a portion of the new phone.  The subsidy worked out to $20/month.


If I understand it correctly, under the new subsidy plan (and switching over to their new equivalent $100/plan), I'd still pay the $100/month, but I'd still have to pay a monthly financing charge (of say >$35/month) for 24 months plus a portion of the new phone.


That doesn't sound good for a long time customer?!?!


So basically I'm losing the subsidy of 24 months x $20 month = $480?



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Re: Financing vs Subsidy - am I now worse off on my cell plan?


Hello @jelau,


Thank you for posting your device upgrade question here in the forums! We're all here to help! 😊 


I know it may be hard to understand the new financing options we now offer--it also took me some time to figure out how it works! I'll do my best to explain. 


Now, when a customer decides to purchase a new subsidized device via a new activation or upgrade, they are required to select one of our Infinite price plans to go with their device of choice. You can view all of our available device options here. The cost of your plan is now separate from the cost of your financing amount for your device. Please see my example below for reference.


In this scenario, the customer has opted to upgrade to the iPhone 11 with our 10GB Infinite plan. Here is what they will see for charges on their monthly invoice (not including any additional add-on's or usage charges, etc.):


$0 down iPhone 11 monthly financing fee for $33.74/month (after promo discount) + 10gb max. speed data Infinite plan at $75/month for a total of $108.74/month + taxes


The great thing about our current Infinite plans is that once you reach the limit of your included max. speed data, you'll still continue to receive unlimited data at a reduced rate of 512kbps. This means, no more overages, ever!


Hopefully, this helps put things into perspective for you! 









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