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My Account has been Suspended

I've Been Around

Hello, I have not paid my Rogers bill for around 4 months as I could not afford to pay it due to some unfortunate circumstances that happened recently in my life as well as not having a job. I first received an email on August 22 notifying me that my account has been suspended for nonpayment and that I would just have to pay the balance of the 3 missed months of payments that I owed and a reactivation fee for the account to be reinstated. Unfortunately, I was still unable to make any payments at this time.


Now, just this past Thursday, I received another email from Rogers stating that my current bill total was $2,500 and this includes the $450 or so I owed for all the months I did not pay, as well as the ENTIRE remaining balance of my 2-year contract which is another $2,000 or so and this is to be due at the END of September.


I then received a third email that was just earlier today again notifying me that my "Account Is Passed Due" and that they are reaching out to me to "discuss the outstanding balance of $2,500 due on your cancelled Rogers account". This time in the email they used the term "cancelled".


Fortunately, I was able to gain consistent employment recently so I am very eager to pay back my debts and get my account reactivated so I can gain service. However, I am really scared/confused now. 


I'm unsure as to what this means. Is this the same as my account being suspended and I can still get my number back and the same plan that I was on provided that I pay back the amount I owe from my past bills? Or Is my account now lost and cancelled forever, and this is why they are asking for the full amount to be paid out? Is there any chance that I can get my account to be reactivated without having to now pay the full balance? I would just like to make payments on what I owe from my past unpaid bills as I now have a steady job and can afford to do so.


The last email that I received stated:

For a limited time, we have an exclusive offer to help quickly bring your account back into good standing. This offer will come with flexible options that may suit your needs. Please call 1-855-704-7981 to discuss these options.


I am really confused on this wording. Does this mean that I can revive my account and resume the current service that I was on when they say "good standing"? Or do they simply mean that I can bring my account into "good standing" insofar as credit rating is concerned but I will never be able to get my service back? I also looked up the phone number and it doesn't seem like I can find it anywhere on Rogers website so is this email even legit?


The email also included text that said "National Credit Recovery Inc." Is this a collection agency??? Does this mean my account is now in collections and I will not be able to contact rogers to resume service?





Sorry for all the questions in advance. I plan on contacting Rogers as soon as they open, but I was hoping I could get some clarity on the forums in the meantime.  I am so grateful for everyone who takes the time to answer. Thanks again. 🙂




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Re: My Account has been Suspended


Hello, @jdvasil


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks so much for posting your concern. We know that it has been a very difficult time for many with the Covid19 Pandemic affecting our lives in so many ways.


We would definitely like to work with you to get this matter resolved ASAP. You will need to speak with our Credit Operations team to discuss this matter. They should be able to discuss the options mentioned in the email with you. Please see their contact information below if you are concerned about the email you received.


Contact Number: 1-800-268-7815 

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - midnight ET 
Saturday: 7:30 am - 9 pm ET 
Sunday: 7:30 am - 6 pm ET 




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