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Cancelled TV Service Showing Active on MyRogers.

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I recently switched providers and had everything cancelled at rogers. Internet and Phone have disappeared from my rogers account which is to be expected, but TV is still there and I still have the options to change package or add stuff to it. I got cut off from internet and phone at an expected time, but I'm still able to use rogers TV. I do not want to be charged again for something that should be cancelled. What can I do?

Phone wait times are insane and don't even know if my home phone has enough battery life to wait that long. Mobile phone is in for repair. I've also been blocked from accessing my rogers email.


*** I was on hold with them for an hour while typing this out, but the phone call worked out and they removed the tv from my account. They said that it wasn't cancelled (new service did transfer for me, so I guess they forgot to cancel tv). ***


Re: Cancelled TV Service Showing Active on MyRogers.

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are you still paying for it?

If not what's there to worry about?

It is their backend systems that are slow to update their records.

Re: Cancelled TV Service Showing Active on MyRogers.

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Resident Expert

@Miklan  Send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps  and ask them to confirm that all of your Rogers services have been cancelled.


Edit: Saw you update and am glad to hear that you were able to get this resolved!

Re: Cancelled TV Service Showing Active on MyRogers.

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I'm late to the party but I have found that using their chat functionality allows for credible and timely support! 
Good luck! 

Re: Cancelled TV Service Showing Active on MyRogers.

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Resident Expert

If your changing TV providers, then its called a Seemless switch, its similar to porting a number but different since tv accounts are not similar from provider to provider its just meant to make your transition easier, but sometimes if u miss an important peace of info during the activation at the new provider, the old tv provider may not be cancelled so its ALWAYS a good idea to be dilligent and to double check to confirm it was done, all really is theyre sending the cancellation notice to your old provider on your behalf, something you already can do yourself, but some people want to wipe their hands clean and have nothing to do with their old provider.  but also we are in a time of the year when the call centre volume is abnormally high during the holidays so we also get it that people are discouraged from calling in because of the long wait times

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