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Canada US Plan Cannot be Re-added for 12 Months.

I've Been Around

Hi! I'm new here and generally would like to say I'm happy with my Rogers wireless service. I am, however, questioning the Canada+US plan's restriction about reimplementing the service if it has been removed. I am traveling to & staying in the USA for 4 months. I'd like to change my current plan to the CAN+US for those 4 months. Ideally I'd like to return to my current plan when I return. Therein lies the problem! When I return next year to the USA, the "rules" say I cannot reinstate the CAN+US plan for 12 months after it has been removed. Clearly whoever dreamt up that restriction didn't consider snowbirds! Why does this restriction exist? I'd much sooner pay the extra rather than getting a US plan from a US provider. What you are forcing me to do is give my money to a foreign provider rather than keeping it here, in Canada, with Rogers. It's not that I don't want to pay extra for this, I just can't understand why I can't have it reinstated when I go back next December. Will Rogers consider eliminating this silly restriction? What is all the more perplexing is AT&T and Tmobile include service in Canada & Mexico as part of their standard service (without additional fees). But, as I said, I'm willing to pay the extra - just can't understand this "no reinstatement" provision!?