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COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I plan to stick around

For the home hub users that are likely not included on the lifted data cap that "Home Internet" users have been gifted. I call it a "shame on you" Rogers for treating the rural folk as second hand citizens. 

You realize that the same people that exist in the rural areas that are forced to use the Hub as their " Home Internet " with the measly data cap for exorbitant price per gig are paying for a service also that is "Home Internet". 

 What's it going to take to give the rural users a break? Extinction? 



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Re: COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I plan to stick around

Hi all,

About two weeks ago Bell was able to install their fiber line to the house. Packages of various download/upload speed where available in our area, all but one were unlimited service. Signing up they knocked back half of the cost of the modem and also gave us Alt Fibre/Crave for $10 a month on top of the service level we decided on. So I moved the Rogers Hub to a part of the house that never had signal before(old farmhouse, garage, walls etc etc) and so it sits there, maybe gets 1/2 of time used a day. I actually had Rogers call me to ask how I was enjoying their service and was there anything they could do for me. I said yeah, actually I'm going to peel back on my service with you within my contract. So I'm stuck with their HUB for about $70 a month for 5G in a part of the house now till Dec. 2021. 

I'm in north York Region, Ontario. The Bell Wireless service OVERSOLD on their tower here and I hear its slow and also you can't get on(as in wait list).  My neighbours across the street had Bell at their farm within 48 hours of seeing the technician working on ours. Am the last house on this road for service until the run the cable further north.


Re: COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I plan to stick around

So we have a new wrinkle.

Now, besides Rogers not giving wireless customers  a break on their monthly caps, they have removed the ability to view the current Usage Stats. I guess this way we won't complain until we get the bill or they did this to prevent people from limiting their own usage to keep their monthly bill at a manageable level.

What's next?


Re: COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I plan to stick around

Wow, just when I didn't think their service and "commitment" to their customers could get any worse.  I logged into my account through the website and it didn't show any usage.  I even downloaded the app on my phone and tried to see if it was a glitch, nope.  Not sure how they can charge anyone overages since we can't see how much we have used.  I made another complaint to them.  Think I'll make another to the CRTC since I think they are required to provide customers with their usage.  When is SpaceX satellite internet coming to Canada?


Re: COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I've been here awhile

When the usage stats were not available online I decided enough is enough.


I got lucky and found a unlimited service in my area (Copetown) and have been extremely happy.  


Since I cancelled my Rogers service they have called me at least 3 times every day. When I was a customer I was told it would take at least 7 days to hear back from them about the problem I was having accessing my usage stats which of course would be after my monthly cutoff date. 


 I was not unhappy with the wireless internet that I had. It was support services that are extremely lacking.  Yes, it was an expensive choice but I had control over how much I wanted to spend monthly on this service being able to monitor my usage.  Once that disappeared it was over for me.


I had asked them why I was not given the option to have my usage information emailed (daily or weekly ) to me like my credit cards and banking services do.  No response.


I had asked them why there was no desktop app available to me to monitor the usage in real time.  No response.


Asked them why the stats were delayed 12 hours, not updated consistently on a daily basis at the same time and in come cases never updated for a couple of days.  No response.


As I said, I got lucky to find a local internet supplier that works for me.  Good luck to all that have no other choice.

Not sure what Rogers business plan is but if it includes getting rid on wireless internet users we must give them an "A" plus, it is working.

Re: COVID-19 and Data Restrictions Still on Hubs/Cell?

I plan to stick around

Well, it looks like Rogers has listened to all the complaints and put the online data usage back on.


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