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Billing Issues

I've been here awhile



I was offered a BYOD plan from Rogers with great incentives.  I was given a device credit and able to port my number as well as a discount for being a loyal customer through the years. I had been planning to switch over in the fall, once my phone was fully paid off, so I wouldn't be eating the cost of it in the process. 


When it came time to activate my phone, the customer care agent I was speaking to had difficulty porting my number due to it being from a different province. Without asking or confirming with me that they were doing this, despite me repeatedly saying that I was fine changing my number if it wasn't able to be done with the deal that was offered to me, they changed the plan. I was only informed after the number had been ported and deactivated from my old provider that was what they'd done.


I asked them if that would affect the incentives, as I was told those incentives would only apply so long as I didn't change my plan, and was told that it would not.  I've since been told that only the Win Back team is able to apply these promotions so I am even more confused and upset that someone changed my plan with full knowledge that they couldn't change it back, without asking me or even confirming with me that I wanted it changed. 


Hours later, I get an email stating that my plan had changed and all the incentives were now removed and I was being billed at a higher rate than was quoted. Again, I was not asked whether or not I wanted this higher plan before it was applied to my account.


In a panic I reach out to customer care only to find that whatever was done could not be undone. I was now being told another department  would contact me with no guarantee that the issue would be resolved, meaning I am now most likely going to have to eat the cost of buying out my contract early on top of being billed at a much higher rate than was quoted to me when I agreed to this. I never received a phone call from this department. I only found out they'd attempted to call me when I reached back out today and was told no one could help me, only the "Win Back" team can, and they refuse to contact me any way other than via phone. I have not been told when to expect their call or even what number it's coming from to ensure I can whitelist it in case it was erroneously marked as spam.


Nearly all of my conversations with billing support have been met with incredibly dispassionate and curt responses. I do not want to reach out to them again. I am now terrified of leaving my phone unattended and missing this call from this department and needing to. I am full of regret that I made this switch.  I went from being delighted about the money I'd be saving to being sick to my stomach with stress about sudden unexpected cost.


This is the absolute worst experience I've ever had with a phone provider. I am quite literally begging someone to help me with this because I do not want to yank all of my services out of this company when I've had nothing but lovely experiences before this. I was about to upgrade to the home security system and now I'm second-guessing even keeping my internet service if someone can break my account this badly without my permission.




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Re: Billing Issues

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@boopboopboopboo I've sent you a private message.  When you're logged into the forum, you will see a number overlaying your avatar at the top right hand corner of the page.  Follow that avatar, which serves as a link to your personal pages and message inbox and outbox.  Follow the links down to the inbox to read the message.

Re: Billing Issues


Hello @boopboopboopboo,


We really appreciate you joining us here in the community and sharing your recent experience with us. We are so disappointed to hear that it hasn't been so positive. 😞 We will strive to do better going forward.


I am glad that you were able to connect with us via PM and we look forward to a swift resolution. If you do have any further questions or concerns, feel free to let us know. 


Kindest of regards,


Re: Billing Issues

I've been around
I to have experienced the same issue with Roger's, I was currently with another Cell provider paying 62 a month for 30gb of data free Canadian calling and texts. Well the Roger's Win Back got a hold of me and for 50 a month I would get 25 GB of data and the same phone features. Well I was reluctant to switch due to billing issues I have had in the past, but the coverage area from the other provider was not as good as Roger's, so after spending over an hour on my phone with the Win Back rep and being reassured that the billing cost would be no more than 50 a month plus taxes I decided to make the switch (I was extremely reluctant to do so). Well I get my first bill in and low and behold it is 212 for 2 months . You can imagine my surprise, ( no not really), what I should mention is that I only just signed back up with Roger's Nov/20/22, I have had an explanation as we bill 2 months in advance and that yes you pay a connection fee of 50 but we credit that back to you when we get around to it. So the tally goes like this for Roger's 212 for 2 months less a credit of 50 when they get around to it, there is still the issue of the extra 50 that I have to pay which for some unknown reason all the reps seem to be forgetting that's another months payment so I should get a month free. I should not have to pay a cell bill for at least 4 months. As a customer I see it this way according to my Win Back Rep, 2 months usage @ 50 a month is 100 plus tax, the connection fee was waved so it should not show up on the bill. I feel like I have been fleeced and lied to, how can I trust a company who does not make it right.
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