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Best Time to Change Plans?

I've been around

What is the best date to change your plan in order to avoid fee ? Seems weird to select a less expensive plan and get charge more for the rest of the cycle. Should I make the change on the last day of the cycle or on the first day of the cycle.


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Re: Best Time to Change Plans?


Greetings @Yang777


Congrats on your first post with us and thanks for your contribution to the Community! 😊 


Is this with regards to a Wireless Plan Change? If so, there are no additonal charges when making a Price Plan Change. Since you’ve already paid for your plan in advance, we will credit you for your old plan and charge you for your new plan. 


On your bill, you’ll see the two amounts, and will need to pay the difference between the old and new plans depending on the date of the requested change. You’ll also see a full charge for the upcoming month of your new plan as we always bill 1 month in advance. 


Depending on when your billing cycle date closes, we often suggest to make the change effective for the beginning of your new billing cycle. For example, if your billing cycle close date is the 31st of every month, it would be beneficial to make the change effective for the beginning of the new cycle, which would be the 1st of the month to ensure you are not impacted by partial charges and credits which makes for a more seamless billing experience. 


With that said, there are a few factors that may very well impact your decison in making your plan change. In the event that you have a current promotional offer that is set to expire, you may want to align the change in accordance to when your current promotional offer(s) are set to expire. 


I found a super helpful article on partial charges that may be helpful with the explanation of our billing process. 


I hope this helps! 




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