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Shaw, to Rogers, to new phone plan. Bye migration!

I've been here awhile

Loved shaw, good customer support and $25 a month for unlimited data talk and text... even without auto payment they didn't charge me any more for my plan.

I was switched to rogers and they are speaking over me the entire time I'm trying to explain that I wasn't told when I signed up affected my billing cycle- I was given a price guarantee which means I assumed not paying my phone twice in the same month especially right before rent, which means they're taking my rent ($105 total for all family phones)

I even started crying because he wouldn't stop interrupting me... he said all he can do is get rid of auto payments which will result in the bill being $15-20 more and still not enough time to pay without being late every month. I told him I'll be looking for a new phone plan with a different company.

In store when I was shown the "contract" I was signing it was a flash of a screen, her scrolling all the way to where it says my phone plan price, and thats it, I wasnt told when I'd be charged for this plan even though I signed up for auto payment, what "credit" I'd recieve with shaw (nothing btw), or any other information. I signed and she told me my signature was for "knowing my phone plan price" so if I signed any sort of comtract with this company I will be appalled.

I had no issues with late payments with shaw or any sort of interrupting/rude employees.




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Re: Shaw, to Rogers, to new phone plan. Bye migration!


Good day @Falentines,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for taking the time to bring your situation to our attention. I understand your experience hasn't been ideal with regards to your migration from Shaw to Rogers migration. 


Are you aware that you can reach our dedicated migration team, for former Shaw customers, through chat, here? They are available 7 days a week, from 12 PM until midnight (ET).


If you would like us to take a deeper look into this matter, feel free to message us at @CommunityHelps when you have a moment, so we can access your account and get a better understanding of the situation.


For the steps on how to send us a private message, take a look at this blog. I'm confident we'll be able to clear this up!





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