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Incorrect billing

I've been around

When the "merger" happened, Rogers suddenly billed me for a MyTab payment of $15.00.  I did finance a phone but it was paid off months earlier and I wasn't receiving bills from Shaw.  On telling this to Rogers, they told me many times that I had to contact Shaw and gave me a number.  On calling the number many times I got a Rogers agent who would tell me to call Shaw.  Sometimes they transferred me up the ladder but but best I got was someone would call me within 24 - 48 hours.  During these calls I was often given incorrect information - it took 3 tries to find out what the $15 was for.

On finally speaking to a Shaw representative on the East Coast who only did internet and TV, I was advised that SHAW MOBILE NO LONGER EXISTS AND THAT ALL RECORDS WERE TRANSFERRED TO ROGERS.

Rogers also started billing $5 per month because I wouldn't give them direct access to my account. 

Eventually, they cut my wireless service off so I paid $126 of which I only owed $17 (for 411 calls) in order to get it back.  I'm now being charged an additional $90 for disconnection fees and others.  All of this for $15 I didn't owe.  By the way, it took a while to figure out what the $17 was for.  It wasn't clear on the bill and the first person I spoke with didn't know.

My concerns are:

1.  I am being incorrectly billed;

2.  I can't understand why I should have to authorize anyone to have direct access to my account;

3.  The amount of incorrect information I was given by the only people I could contact at Rogers;

4.  The impossibility of connecting with anyone who might know something or can do anything about it.


Re: Incorrect billing


Good morning @Pavimo,


I understand that being incorrectly billed can be frustrating, especially given the situation that you encountered.


Just so it is clear for all who might be reading this, we do not force anyone to sign up for autopay. It is not an additional charge. You get a $5/mo discount whenever you sign up for autopay. 


We'd love to help you out in this situation but under these circumstances, it would be best if you submitted a callback request here:




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