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Terrible TV/Phone/Internet, Lousy Support

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We have been experiencing terrible internet connections and black screen on many channels and my home phone was out of service more times than it worked since October 2020 when I first called Rogers about this and the tech on the line tried to reset my connection from their side without success. A technician was scheduled to come and check my connection in November, which he did and said there was nothing wrong with the signal in the house, the problem existed from the street level, and he would schedule someone to come and replace the outside line within four or five days. More than two weeks went by with no one attending and so I called Rogers again, spending another hour on my cell phone, as my home phone still doesn’t work, and was told a tech would be sent out. About a week later I get a phone call from a tech who says he is outside on the street at the box and has tested the line and says the line to the house needs replaced, I told him I already knew that and was told this by the previous tech who visited, he tells me that tech should have replaced the line at that time and then this tech passed the buck saying he was going to call his supervisor to get the previous tech to come back and replace the line. More weeks go by without any response so I call Rogers support AGAIN and spend another hour on the phone explaining what was going on and was told another tech would be scheduled to attend. I asked if I would need to be home on the date scheduled and was told that I did not need to be there. The scheduled date arrives and I wasn’t home and I get a text saying a tech was at the house but no one was home, so he left! I got home to find nothing had been done and my problem still exists. At this point, now Christmas 2020 and I am fed up with Rogers terrible service, have had many people try to call me on my home phone only to get a busy signal every time my tv STILL has many black screens on channels I am paying for and I call Rogers AGAIN and spend another hour on my cell phone with them and finally tell them to cancel my TV and home phone services because I am so fed up with Rogers and would request a refund for the time I’ve experienced bad service. The rep looks at my history and says she will put in a refund for $157.00 based on the date they first received my phone calls about the issue which was showing in November. My tv and phone services were cancelled as requested but I receive a call back from the rep two weeks later telling me that the refund had been rejected by Rogers because they allegedly showed no phone contact about the issues until late December!! I am thoroughly disgusted with Rogers terrible service and support and will recommend another tv/phone/internet provider other than Rogers to anyone who is interested.


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Re: Terrible TV/Phone/Internet, Lousy Support

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That is the horrible support story. The point about different groups in Rogers seeing contact at different times is sadly common. Not being able to find documented comments on your account, etc, are the same.
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