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Home Monitoring Hardware

Can anyone provide a valid number to order a replacement door/window sensor? Unable to order online or in-store and the contact number on the Home Monitoring/Hardware website to learn more (1-888-487-0429) is just an endless loop of transfers and len...

GB1974 by I've Been Around
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SD Card Class 10 Format?

Hi,I recently added an SD Card Class 10 64GB per the requirement to the Home Monitoring tablet. I keep getting the notification that the card is corrupted. I have formatted the card multiple times, I have also used other class 10 SD cards and they al...

Unable to Cancel my Smart Home Monitoring.

I've attempted multiple times calling the customer service for cancellation, the wait time is > 3 hours then I choose call me back later, but every time when I got the call back after waiting for hours they said they gonna transfer me to the "correct...

Wanted to cancel Rogers Home Monitoring

After two hours of wait, they said will transfer to another dept and wait is 1-2  hours more. worst kind of service. I should cancel all my wireless too and move to another carrier .....   ***Edited Labels***

worst service all around

to speak to someobe it takes half a days work then either phone gets cut off or they send you a refence number and the matter is still never resolved i been dealing with my issue since December   **Labels Added**    

vee1905 by I've Been Around
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Resolved! SHM app, save video clip

Hello. I’m using the SHM app. When I review a video clip, there are options for save and delete. When I select save, where does the clip go? I thought I could save it to my phone, and text it to someone if necessary. It says “video clip saved success...

Missing “Add Device” button missing

Hey, I am looking to add a new Sengled lightbulb through the mobile app and  under “Manage Devices” the only option is to edit the already installed devices.  Any suggestion?  I have also tried adding the light through the touchpad with no luck.     ...

SClare by I've Been Here Awhile
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Resolved! Smart home monitoring recording

HiI see that the camera recording is only happening for firat 15 seconds even thought there is a continous action going on for more than 15 secs. How can i get the recording to do continuous until the event is completed?   *Added Labels*

Home Automation

Is there any plan (or maybe it's available and I totally missed it) to have the ability to incorporate SHM with other home automation platforms such Home Assistant, Google or Alexa.  I'd like to setup routines such as arming the system if conditions ...

kimmal by I Plan to Stick Around
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Home monitoring

Super unhappy with smart home monitoring.I had the service for approx 6 yearsWe sold our house and downsized to a condo therefore not needing the serviceWe did a TOR (transfer of responsibility) on Nov. 8th 2022First the agent did not do it correctly...

Smart Home Monitoring Recording

Honestly I have had the monitoring set up now for 3 months and it has to be the worst security system in the market…The cameras are just awful, I had the sensitivity on high and would end up with endless videos of leaves blowing my plants lightly, bu...

Fredrock by I've Been Around
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Resolved! How to add device that was removed

ZigBee Smart Plug SZ-ESW02 was deleted from RHM system. How do I add it back?? Everytime I try to add it through the touchpad it says No lighting Devices found please make sure that the lighting devices is properly defaulted?   *** Edited Labels ***

dfolco1 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! How to get an Update on False Alarm Investigation?

I have called several times and spent several hours discussing charges to my account for false alarms that were not false. I was last told claims had been opened for investigation and, again, someone would be in touch with me to discuss. That was a f...

hmcwilli by I've Been Around
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Media control symbols - Smart Home

While viewing recorded videos, media control symbols are not either disappearing or moving below the footage as advised by representative in AppStore reviews section.My OS and app versions are up to date. Am using IPhone 11 promax.     ***Added Label...

Custom actions won't save

I'm trying to set up custom actions/rules for an alarm condition and I get all the way to the end and I just get a failed to save message.  Could it be that you can't have more than one of these?  There's one built in that I can't edit nor delete.   ...


Resolved! Cannot reach Smart Home customer service

After a technician visit earlier this week, he advised me to contact customer service and order a replacement sensor, as the technicians are not provided with those.  For 3 days I'm trying to reach the smart home customer service. The system routed m...

Rogy by I've Been Around
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No easy way to delete camera motion recordings

I have 4 cameras installed. The motion detection recordings are stored in the cloud for 30 days. When the quota gets full, the system stops recording - a huge security lapse!I have to manually delete each video recording for 30 days for each camera (...

nasirm12 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Compatible equipment

Can anyone tell me if there are options to use equipment from another provider eg I have TELUS cameras is there away to use those with the Rogers smart home monitoring

Resolved! Smart Home Monitoring Help-new router

I purchased the TP Link Ax5400 and now I can't seem to connect to my Smart Home Monitoring through the app. I get a error Communication Failure.  How to resolve this? *Added Labels*  

tester2013 by I Plan to Stick Around
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