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Smart Home Monitoring Recording

I've been here awhile

Honestly I have had the monitoring set up now for 3 months and it has to be the worst security system in the market…
The cameras are just awful, I had the sensitivity on high and would end up with endless videos of leaves blowing my plants lightly, but it was missing entire sections of people coming to my door and delivering packages as an example. It makes no sense. On top of that it’s only 12 seconds, no options for longer videos and if the camera gets tripped it won’t record again for 3-4 minutes. It doesn’t have audio which is another crazy thing.

The app is awful, I had a potential emergency situation, tried to check on the cameras to see what is happening and the app as it usually does had logged me out again. Took a minute to log in and get the cameras buffering. It’s absolutely useless.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues? My parents have the same system and also experience all of these problems. I don’t understand how Rogers can have such a poor security system and don’t know what they’re doing to fix it.



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Re: Smart Home Monitoring Recording


Greetings @Fredrock!


Have you contacted us about this issue in the past 3 months or is this the first time you're reaching out?


Are your cameras hardwired or connected via WiFi? If you're experiencing a lot of buffering or missing video, it may be the case that the WiFi signal is weak. 


Please try the following from your Touchpad and let us know the results:


Settings > Tech Code: 4381 > Re-enter Tech Code: 4381 > Advanced Settings > Diagnostic Tools > WiFi Status


  • Yellow = Weak signal
  • Red = Low/No signal
  • 0 = Wired device

If you've got a weak or low/no signal, we'll likely need to send out a tech.




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