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Rogers Solution Refund

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey, I know Rogers had a 100 visa gift card deal going on with my s8 preorder and I called yesterday about it and the guy on the phone said they haven't started sending them out yet but I got a message today but I can't tell if it's a scam link or not. Can anyone confirm?

The number is 905 866 9610 and the message reads

Rogers Solutions Refund! Collect your money at: ***LINK REMOVED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES***




Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Hey @Wha366,


Thanks for using the Rogers Community Forums to ask your question and congrats on your first post! 😀


Just to clarify, did you initiate a text message conversation using shortcode 40014? Or did they reach out to you first? This shortcode should be for our Credit Operations Team and can be used to report a recent payment or set up payment arrangements for your Rogers account.


I hope this helps! 



Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Does Rogers send e transfers for improper billing? I received one but an hesitant to deposit it. Thank you

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Samd15: Looks like your post may have been moved to this scam thread.  It's good that you were skeptical. Rogers usually just credits your account.

Rogers Solution Refund

I've Been Around

[R0GERS WIRELESS INC.] - Dear customer, Due to the interruption of our service on Monday 19 April we have decided to give our customers a gift of 60 CAD. We are very sorry for all the inconvenience this breakdown might have caused.

Claim here: *link removed for safety*

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

713-657-9801 scam [R0GERSSVC]- Dear member, our billing team has recently detected an error in your last invoice. We've sent you a cashback of 123 CAD in result of that mistake.