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Rogers Does Not Support IPhone Live Voicemail Properly

Rogers locks down even unlocked phones when it comes to Live Voicemail. They do not allow custom greetings. This is because the Rogers does not support custom greetings for Live Voicemail. Will Rogers unlock custom greetings for people using IOS17+? 

Paul_M by I plan to stick around
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iPhone 14 Cannot stay connected to 5ghz wifi band

My iPhone continues to drop 5ghz band. I’ve reset iPhone network settings but hasn’t helped. Sounds like there are some issues with iOS 16 update but I’m now on the most recent 17. We have several other iPhone devices that aren’t having issues. Any s...

Klempford by I plan to stick around
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Re: iPhone 15 Devices - Reservation Thread

This is Rogers you're dealing with, a company with perhaps the worst customer service I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Don't expect anything positive out of this corporation. 

Re: iPhone 15 Devices - Reservation Thread

Poor communication. I ordered a new iPhone and would love to get some sort of proper timeline as to its delivery date.I don’t think it’s such a big ask .When I tried to communicate this with Roger’s the staff couldn’t or didn’t have the correct infor...

Storgerz by I've been around
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Re: Ignite Self Protect Offer

Hello, @macman1    Thank you for your post!   I have been using the Ignite Self Protect cameras for several months now and it has been a great system for me.    The doorbell camera has been my favourite. All the cameras have sound and intercom capabi...

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