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98.1 CHFI Christmas Music & Fireplace channel

Is anybody receiving the 98.1 CHFI Christmas Music & Fireplace on channel 299 yet?  It was supposed to switch over from the Sunset Channel at 6 AM on November 21.  That morning, we got a "We are experiencing technical difficulties" screen and since t...

-G- by Resident Expert
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Re: Not Happy With Ignite TV

@something1965 wrote:   1.  are you saying that this issue is eliminated in someway?   2. Previously the cost of the PVR's (I got my moneys worth now) and the fact Ignite is (or was?) limited to 5 devices is why I am still on Digital, all I know is D...

57 by Resident Expert
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Re: Shipping times for the Samsung s23 FE

Good day, @deanweeny !   I've heard positive things about this particular model.   Currently, if ordering this device online via Rogers.com, there is a 4+ week wait.    Might I suggest calling a few nearby Rogers locations to check their stock avail...

Re: No Customer support

Greetings @GT17 ,   Thank you for posting your concerns here in our community forums. I'm very saddened to hear that you had so much difficulties with getting through to someone who can help with your move. I know our queues have been pretty hectic l...

Resolved! Re: Port Forwarding

Greetings @nafr1 ,   I'll tag in some of our more knowledgeable RE's so they can try to assist, if possible.    @Datalink @-G- @Gdkitty    Or if anyone else in the community has some advice, feel free to jump in here!   Cheers! RogersYasmine    

Re: Not Happy With Ignite TV

@57    I have found the IgniteTV guide to be much more accurate than the NextBox guide.  For example, I can set and forget my F1, IndyCar, MotoGP, SuperBike, WRC events.  This was not possible with Navigatr.   One of my biggest peeves with trying to ...

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Now Serving Customers in Preferred Languages

Canada is home to a diversity of people, cultures, and languages. As part of our commitment to embrace this diversity and provide an unparalleled customer experience for every Canadian, we are proud t...


Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Devices!

Hey Community,   Good news! The time has come to meet this year’s new set of Apple devices.   DEVICES WE'LL CARRY:  Device Pre-Order Date Launch Date iPhone 15 15-Sep-2023 22-Sep-2023 iPhone 15...