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Re: Getting only one IPv6 address

JFYI I have recommended settings for IPv6:Use IPv4 connectivity as parent interface: yesRequest only a IPv6 prefix: noDHCPv6 Prefix Delegation Size: 64Send IPv6 prefix hint: yesSurprisingly, I am also getting ipv6 assigned with any combinations of th...

Leone by I'm here a lot
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Re: Is this company legit insane!?!

Good morning @eli4700,   Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting about your recent experience.   We appreciate you took the time to bring this up to our attention and we'd like the opportunity to help you resolve this.   In order fo...

Re: Nokia FastMile 5G 3.2 Drop 5G Connection to LTE

Hello @RogersJermaine, I moved it to different locations and again, it will stay connected to 5G for many hours and randomly default back to 4G. The Signal is not perfect, but it is strong enough to keep a good speed and quality. It seems like a know...

Charly003 by I've been here awhile
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Parental Controls

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Rogers Year End Wrap Contest 2023 Winners

  Hey Community,   As we said goodbye to 2023 with an exclusive year-end contest tailored for select customers to express our gratitude for sharing another year with us, it is now time to congratulat...